How to prevent moisture and dehumidification in the "back to the South" wardrobe?

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The rainy season is coming soon, which has caused many people to worry. Some netizens said that "the weather is wet and the wardrobes have been "infected". Recently, some places in the closet have been found to be stuffy because of the dampness, and the clothes have a musty smell. Would you please do a good job in the wet weather?" Such a problem, it is estimated that many netizens will encounter, what is the solution?

Meiyu weather, commonly known as "back to the South", according to the introduction, "back to the South" is actually a natural phenomenon, each of the Pearl River Delta region in the first spring season will experience several rounds of "back to the South." Due to the influence of strong cold air mass during the Spring Festival, the outdoor and indoor temperatures continued to be relatively low; with the weakening of the cold air mass after the holiday, the southern warm and humid air mass became more active, and the outdoor temperature increased rapidly. Relatively speaking, indoors are instead cold sources. The warm and humid air mass contains abundant water vapor, causing heavy fog in the outdoor city, blowing into the room, encountering cold ground and walls, furniture and other utensils, its water vapor will condense into small water droplets, and even form a flowing water layer, so-called "Back to South Heaven."

Netizens are hotly discussing

In response to this "back to the South", how to do a good job of wardrobe maintenance? The netizens on the forum also started discussions, summed up the following methods:

1. Put a moisture absorber in the closet; usually the supermarket has to buy it, when it is a box of money;

2, bamboo charcoal effect is also very good, but in the wardrobe to avoid soiling clothes;

3, tea moisture absorption method: the tea (can buy some cheap dry tea, such as green tea, in order to save money, do not need to buy those too expensive) with rice paper or newspaper into a bag, placed in every corner of the wardrobe, can start It has the function of moisture absorption and deodorization, and has no side effects on the human body. Then, if you want to make your clothes fragrant, you can buy some clothes and solid fragrance in the closet. (You may have to wait for the dry tea to absorb moisture and remove the flavor before putting the fragrance, remember!)

4, soil method: put lime in a container or box (do not cover, unless you do not use it) in the corner of the closet, when the weather is wet, lime moisture is very powerful.

The above is the method provided by netizens, you may wish to choose to try.

Expert advice: try to close the door to wet

Meteorologists suggest that once it is found that “returning to the South” will occur, the doors and windows should be closed in time, and the indoor wardrobe and cabinet doors should be closed to reduce the entry of warm and humid air outside and reduce the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. At the same time, the heat source device such as a heating or an electric oven can be used to heat the room to raise the indoor temperature to be equal to or slightly higher than the outdoor temperature. In high-humidity weather, the window should be opened in such a way as to close the doors and windows in the south- or south-east direction, that is, in the upwind direction, and only open the doors and windows in the downwind direction to reduce water vapor entering the room.

In addition, some moisture absorbing materials can be placed indoors. More economical and ideal is quicklime (branched lime). If there is an air conditioner with dehumidification function in the home, it should be turned on immediately; if it is conditional, the indoor air can be filtered by a moisture absorber to perform "dehydration".

Moisture-proof and dehumidification should not only be "work hard" in terms of the external environment, but also some moisture-proof tips for the wardrobe itself.

If the wardrobe in the home does not have a backboard, next to the wall, when going back to the South, it will greatly reduce the moisture-proof function of the wardrobe. Therefore, you can move the closet to the wall part about 1 cm away from the wall to avoid excessive moisture in the wet season. Many wardrobes on the market today have a design that separates the back panel from the wall surface, which allows consumers to worry a lot on wet days.

For some wardrobes with no height on the bottom of the cabinet, in the rainy season, waterproof pads can be installed under the wardrobe to improve moisture resistance. Before you buy a wardrobe, you can pay attention to whether the wardrobe has the design function of the back panel from the wall, the bottom plate heightening or the high cabinet feet.

If you have a "pure" solid wood wardrobe in your home, you should regularly wax the furniture, and every 6-12 months, use a special furniture paste wax for it. Before waxing, apply the milder non-alkaline soapy water to remove the old wax.

According to Tang Zhiqiang, the manager of the overall wardrobe market in Laoka, to make the long-term effective moisture-proof function, you can use the pearl cotton on the back and bottom of the cabinet when installing the cabinet.

Dehumidification small products hot selling tips

According to Xiaobian, more netizens are willing to purchase simple safe and effective dehumidification products.

In some home appliance stores, the most popular products in home appliance stores are dehumidifiers and small dehumidifiers. In addition to the popularity of these home appliances, some dehumidification products in supermarkets are also popular among the public, in many dehumidification products. The most popular sales in the middle are the hygroscopic box and bamboo charcoal.

According to the relevant staff, the moisture absorption box is divided into two layers, the upper layer is calcium chloride particles or other dehumidifying agents, and the lower layer is the water storage space, which has aroma effect. It is more suitable to be placed in the closet or storage room. If the box is full of water after a period of time, it is necessary to replace it with a new one. There are also desiccant replacement kits on the market, but before you buy, you should see if the original absorbent cartridges can be replaced multiple times. According to the composition, performance, applicable space and size, the price of the moisture absorption box ranges from six to seven yuan to twenty yuan. Among them, calcium chloride has better moisture absorption effect, but it is toxic, so please don't let children eat it; and the surface void of bamboo charcoal can absorb water vapor, which has deodorizing effect and is suitable for small area dehumidification. Moreover, it can be dried and reused without polluting the environment, and moisture absorption and deodorization also have an aesthetic effect. Bamboo charcoal absorbs odor through its porous nature and improves the moisture and mildew of all kinds of closets. Moreover, the price of the bamboo charcoal package is not expensive, but the price difference is large, ranging from a few yuan to several tens of yuan.

As a daily furniture product, the wardrobe is also very important for maintenance. Regarding the knowledge of wardrobe maintenance, Xiao Bian will continue to pay attention. You are also welcome to log in to the wardrobe forum and share some common sense of life and maintenance with us.

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