Furniture Feng Shui, learn these tricks, let you and your lover grow old!

1. First of all, starting from the southwestern gate, the gate is in Kunfang, but the Kun side lacks too much. If it is drawn into a square shape, its southwest is basically gone. The house that is lacking in Kunfang is the most common in rural areas and cities. Because Kun is the mother, it has a greater impact on the housewives. (The oldest woman in the house is counted), mainly showing frailty, upset, mostly gastrointestinal. Poor, or back pain, limb injury, half-body tunneling, skin disease, appendix, sputum, athlete's foot, etc., sometimes in other people, so to see who is at home for a long time, the influence on who is greater, And the main marriage is not smooth, or multiple marriages.

2, the West is the extension of the year, because the extension of the year is a gold, is a better position, this position for the kitchen, because the kitchen is a fire, it is not a bit, but in the extended position, it can be considered a good position.

3. The northwest is a good location, but there is a lack of this position. In terms of orientation, the northwest is dry, and the dry house is generally unfavorable to the old father. It is easy to have lesions in the legs, headaches, etc. Not both, it is generally more harmful to the elderly, or such a family is prone to kidney or gynecological diseases, if there is much accuracy, you can look for 10 such units to see it, because this place in Beijing is good Looking for, there are more houses with missing corners. As long as you find such a building, at least four or five such ones will have to be the highest after three to five years, but some have just happened. The house is not only bad for the elderly, but also has a great influence on the work of the eldest son. If the person’s fortune is particularly good, (the whole life should be good, and it is a rich and expensive life), then the body of such a house is also There should be frequent illnesses, or when you don’t have the top priority, you can only be a deputy, or a brain is not easy to use.

4, the north is in a desperate position, but for the living room, the impact is not very good.

5, the northeast side of the Jixing position, for the angry position, the main promotion of the rich, so we must pay attention to it, but there is also a lack, the Northeast is a shackle. The lack of units is common in rural areas, and there are more in cities. Its influence is larger. In theory, it is the position of the youngest, affecting only the youngest son. In fact, it has the widest influence because 艮The party is Fushan and the descendant of the mountain, which means that the rich and the poor at home, the work and the income, the income, the expenditure, and the prospects of all the children and grandchildren, the physical strength or the loss of the children, or the miscarriage of dystocia, the lack of house light source Difficult to enter, limbs are disabled, gastrointestinal have a disease, skin disease, but the male is scarce, breaking the ancestors away from home, become a lonely person, such as only girls have little influence.

6, Zhengdong is the bedroom, it should be the second bedroom, which belongs to the scourge. If you live for a long time, you will be lonely, not good for your eyes, especially for children.

7. The southeast is a shackle, but the lack of corners is serious. The lack of houses is common in rural areas and cities. This house shape has the greatest impact on the eldest daughter and the long-term woman, which can make them work, study poorly or have no thoughts. jobs. After marriage, the relationship between husband and wife is poor, difficult to conceive, miscarriage, or upper limb disease, or spleen, vertebral disease, and bankruptcy.

8, the south is the toilet, but the toilet is in a fierce position, the impact is not great.

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