Evaluation: Antique Sketch Ai Shi Long Island Series 870124 Wallpaper

This Ai Shi Changdao series 870124 wallpaper uses a non-woven rubber surface as the material of the wallpaper, and is relatively environmentally friendly in the selection of materials. The non-woven bottom is made of pure plant fiber, which is environmentally friendly and has certain toughness. The rubber surface is a rubber surface coating added on the basis of the underlay. Through a certain hot pressing technology, a beautiful visual texture can be formed on the surface of the wallpaper. The rubberized wallpaper can also enhance the waterproof and moisture resistance of the wallpaper.

This wallpaper print is presented on the surface of the canvas texture with antique sketches. The sketch gives a neoclassical aesthetic and has a simple realistic concept in Miller's works. The texture design of the canvas makes the performance of the wallpaper elegant and noble.

The overall texture of the wallpaper is divided into two layers. One layer is a non-woven substrate with high environmental performance, and the second layer is a thin rubber surface coating. The side of the wallpaper was torn to reveal a layer of patchy white and dull fibers, which are distinct plant fibers.

Observing the wallpaper folds, the wallpaper will produce a faint fold texture. From a distance, it is not easy to find obvious creases, but the elastic recovery ability of the wallpaper is relatively general, and the recovery of the hem needs a certain time.

The highlighter brush is a makeup brush with bristles in the shape of a flame or a fan. It is used to apply highlights to the forehead, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bone, etc., to make them prominent, full and shiny.

Basic information editing
When using the highlight brush, hit the highlight on the forehead, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bone, etc. to make it prominent, full and shiny. Most of the highlights are white powders, which are usually used together with shadow powders to make the face look three-dimensional and sharp.
How to use
The flame brush or fan-shaped brush is directly dipped in the high-gloss product and applied to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead, etc. After performing a small area of smearing, the entire makeup look natural and comfortable.
(1) T-shaped face
Use a highlighter brush to dip a small amount of Highlighter Powder and swipe the upper part of the eyebrow slightly. Be careful not to apply the highlighter too high, and then apply the highlighter to the bridge of the nose. You can also apply a little to the nose. width.
(2) The sacrum
Hit the highlights from the top of the cheekbones to the corners of the eyes.
(3) Brow bone
Use the highlight brush to brush the highlights under and above the brow bones and eyebrows to make the brow bone more prominent and the face contour more three-dimensional.
(4) other parts
Gently brush the highlights on the jaw, upper eyelid and corner of the mouth.

Highlighter Powder

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