Meisheng Tile Lin Zhaoming: 100% confidence

Meisheng Tile Wuhan Franchisee Lin Zhaoming

[Reporter]: Hello Mr. Lin, Wuhan as the first floor of the designer tile, the 100% designer salon, what kind of information would you like to convey to Wuhan consumers and designers through this event?

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[Lin Zhaoming]: This is an activity that everyone is doing, but our activities are more about giving designers a chance to get in touch with top Italian designers. Learn more about the latest Italian designs and lifestyles. It also creates a relaxed and natural atmosphere, where designers interact with foreign designers. The 100% designer salon you just mentioned, we have been doing this all the time. Before we were a small-scale experiential event exchange, the scale of this event was relatively large, and we also invited the local Some designers with strength and potential, including some of our users. Mainly want to convey to the high-end designers and consumers in Jiangcheng, that is to say, Wuhan has such a high-end brand tile imported from Europe, and this tile can be the ultimate, showing ceramic tiles like crafts, which is what we want to convey. One of the main information can really provide more choices and play space for designers and users.

[Reporter]: In addition to the designer salon, this year's Meisheng ceramic tile also has a training program in cooperation with the famous Italian design institute DOMUS. What kind of people is the DOMUS training program for?

[Lin Zhaoming]: This is an important plan launched by our US company in the past two years. It is also an important platform for domestic designers to connect with foreign design institutes. We call it the "100+1000 people plan." The 100-person plan is to sponsor 100 outstanding domestic designers to go to the famous Italian design school Domus for training. The 1,000-person plan is that Meisheng Tile plans to introduce Italian courses and lecturers to China in the next few years, establish a designer training base in China, build a platform for learning and communication, and train 1,000 designers who are in line with international design concepts. In the end, the purpose is actually very simple. It is to let these designers have the opportunity to learn and communicate in Europe. They can also get the certificate issued by the world's top design institutes. By the way, they can shop for it. I believe that through such activities, we should be able to design for the majority. Let's do something.

[Reporter]: In addition to today's design activities, what kind of expansion will there be?

[Lin Zhaoming]: The back includes our headquarters and Wuhan. We will continue to invite top Italian designers and invite them to come to Wuhan to collide and communicate with us. Many foreigners are more eye-catching, and we can draw a lot of good ideas from them. And ideas. But in fact, our Chinese designers are also constantly developing. You see that our domestic designers have won numerous awards in the world in recent years. We have our contemporary design and we have already made great efforts to break through in this area. Strengthening the integration with international design is also to better serve our domestic users.

[Reporter]: From the major furniture exhibitions in March, many brands have a wait-and-see attitude towards the overall furniture market in 2012. Meisheng seems to be on the opposite trend, launching several commercial projects and opening new experiences. Store, does this reflect the confidence of Meisheng in the overall market performance in 2012?

[Lin Zhaoming]: Our confidence is very big. No matter how the first-tier cities change, Wuhan has not changed. For example, real estate is not too high, which means that the consumption potential is still huge. There will definitely be some policy impacts. However, for the high-end brand, I don’t think it will affect Wuhan much, because the demand for high-end people in Wuhan is still a lot, including Wuhan’s rich water resources, more lakes, more lakes and more villas, and high-end The customer base is still a lot.

[Reporter] The Meisheng tile market is very detailed. As a Wuhan dealer, how do you start experimenting in Central China?

[Lin Zhaoming] This does have a plan. We have been doing this for five years. After five years of investigation, the survey also found that Wuhan’s spending power is no worse than other cities. Just say this club, the reason why we will do this club, in fact, we are to show more high-end users need products, zero-distance contact with Meisheng tiles. In fact, high-end customers are a community with good materials and good design. We are all solving common needs, pursuing higher quality living space and creating a high-quality lifestyle. In this regard, we It will also make a different style than others, which is what we have been doing.

[Reporter] The last question is that there are many similar products on the market. What do you think is the biggest advantage of Meisheng products?

[Lin Zhaoming] Our Meisheng ceramic tile has five characteristics. I have summarized it as the top five. The first is the largest. Meisheng Tile is the largest import tile product integrator in China. It has Meisheng Yasuli, Meisheng·Seddy and Meisheng·Engineering. The second one is the most – Meisheng Tiles has the largest number of domestic tile industry stores, covering the widest range of cities and the most complete sales and service network. There are 100 specialty stores in more than 70 regions across the country. The third is the most complete - Meisheng ceramic tile product line is the longest, the style is the most abundant, the structure is the most complete. It has a product library of more than 100 series and more than 700 kinds of single products and has tens of thousands of matching methods. The fourth is the latest – introducing the latest European pop elements into China, and 30% of the products come from the new Bologna show in the same year, which can be truly “synchronized with European fashion”. There is also one of the highest end – the European original product at the highest end of the Chinese market. It contains 40,000 pieces per piece and 60,000 yuan a square meter of tiles, known as "Porsche in the tiles." I also dare to say that we are the best imported ceramic tile in Wuhan.

[Reporter]: Thank you for accepting our interview today and wishing the event a complete success.

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