Sun Yat-Sen Zhang Haiping: Meeting the Challenge with Honesty

Zhang Haiping, General Manager of Sunshine Ruiruite Marketing Center

In recent years, with the accelerating pace of urban development in Handan City, with the acceleration of the urbanization process and the rapid advancement of the real estate industry, a number of new communities in Handan City have risen. At the same time, people’s requirements for the quality of home improvement are also More and more high, in this case, the building materials home market will flourish. The establishment of Sunshine Ruiruit marks a new path for the development of the local building materials and home furnishing industry in Handan.

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Thanks to its unique geographical location and forward-looking strategic positioning, Sunray's emergence has attracted much attention from the community. As a new building materials home shopping mall in the region, its establishment has also aroused strong repercussions in the industry. “Growing the golden phoenix tree and attracting the colorful phoenix” attracts many building materials and home brands to compete.

In August 2010, Sunshine Group, Haoruite Group and Yuanda Industrial Company reorganized and consolidated with their strong advantages, based on the brand status accumulated by the former Haoruite Building Materials Boutique City in the city of Bengbu for ten years, and with hundreds of The integrity guarantee established between the building materials brands, Sunshine Ruiruite is fully settled on the basis of the original Xingang Textile City. So far, in the Congtai District of Handan City, a new building materials home mall covering an area of ​​113 acres and a total construction area of ​​more than 140,000 square meters - Sunshine Ruiruite Building Materials Home Textile City was born. In July of the same year, in the southern part of Handan City, a seven-storey high-end building materials and home shopping mall, Sunshine Ruiruite Home Plaza, was also opened.

Reporter: Hello, Mr. Zhang, welcome you to our high-end interview section, first come and say hello to our netizens!

Zhang Haiping: Netizens are good, I am Zhang Haiping from Sunshine Marketing Center.

Reporter: Mr. Zhang, what do you think about the current environment of the building materials and home furnishing industry? In response to such a big environment, what measures does Sunshine have to deal with?

Zhang Haiping: As we all know, the real estate industry in 2011 encountered unprecedented challenges, and the overall transaction volume of first-tier cities declined. The real estate-related building materials and home furnishing industry has also been affected, and the whole industry has shown a state of no promotion or no sales. Many small and medium-sized brands can not withstand the pressure to withdraw from the market.

However, I never think how bad the environment is, how difficult the future road is. On the contrary, if you are in it, you can realize this Zen of misfortune and mutual crisis, you will gain more than usual. More wealth, and these wealth will make you use for life, the real strong is never assessed by the appearance factor of scale, capital, speed, but no matter how cold the wind is, how many obstacles in the future, can be surrounded by high walls I am thinking and thinking hard, and I am very intimate and powerful.

In the face of 2012, opportunities and challenges coexist. Sunshine has always adhered to it, and it is also the key factor for Sunshine's success is integrity. In the course of business, the market maximizes resources to help merchants to carry out marketing and publicity, seek maximum rights for consumers, and insist on empathy... Decoration is not a short-term consumption, but a major event in the next ten or twenty years. "Integrity is gold, you are insisting." Sunshine will continue to consider the issue from the perspective of consumers. It is precisely because of the "integrity" that Sunshine has won the trust of consumers in the field of building materials and home furnishing, and has won a place in the fierce market competition, not afraid of "severe cold", and promotes its own development in a steady and steady manner. .

Reporter: What do you think Sunshine is different from other selling places?

Zhang Haiping: The advantage of local enterprises! It can be said that Sunshine is a local monk who is closer to the lives of ordinary people. We have been committed to building a first-line building materials home base, insisting on the lowest price in the city, using the sunshine card to make profits, and improving various service commitments. These have brought the distance between the Sun Leiruite and the people of Handan City, so that the people can choose the comfort, Buy the rest assured." The specific advantages I have summarized are as follows:

First, brand advantage.

   Sunshine Group has been developing for 25 years and is a leading enterprise in the retail industry. The Sunshine Group's stores have a good reputation and reputation among consumers. It is a consumer place recognized and trusted by consumers. The boutique city has accumulated good brand advantages and management concepts in the city for more than ten years. It has become a leading enterprise in the high-end building materials and furniture market in Handan City, and has established a good cooperative relationship with the first-line building materials brands in Bengbu City; Hong Kong Textile City is a key project for attracting investment from the city. The three companies have joined forces to create a banner for Sunshine's home building materials industry. In terms of management philosophy, Sunshine Ruiruit adheres to the corporate management philosophy of “Sincerity-oriented, and credit-like” in the Sunshine Department Store Group, and has consistently adhered to the “harmony of living and harmony and building a beautiful home”. The purpose is to send a satisfied, comfortable and warm "home" to consumers.

Second, the radiation surface is wide, occupying the important geographical position of the north and south ends of Handan City; the building materials market has the largest single area, the whole category, the first-line building materials home textile headquarters base, the lowest price in the city.

Sunshine Ruiruite Building Home Textile City is located in the northeast of the city, adjacent to the Eastern High-tech Development Zone. The project covers an area of ​​113 acres and has a total construction area of ​​140,000 square meters. The business categories include ceramics, bathroom, floor, cabinet, wooden door, wallpaper, Ceiling, hardware, paint, paint, decoration company, fine curtain fabric, bedding home textile, fine lighting, etc., is the largest building materials home market in Handan. In addition, Sunshine has a large area and a relatively concentrated category. There are more than 100 stores in the door industry. There are more than 60 wallpapers, more than 60 ceramic sanitary wares and more than 40 floors. Among them, 2,000-square-meter exhibition hall of Salmit Ceramics, 1000-square-meter exhibition hall of Xinzhongyuan Ceramics, 1000-square-meter exhibition hall of Ou Shennuo Ceramics, 1000-square-meter exhibition hall of gold medal Asian ceramics, 1600 square meters exhibition hall of Wrigley Ware, 800 square meters exhibition hall of Anwar bathroom, Julong Decoration 2000 The square meter exhibition hall, the light boat decoration 800 square meters exhibition hall, the Jinma curtain 2,000 square meters exhibition hall, the Tianshi lighting 2000 square meters exhibition hall, the Musen lighting 800 square meters exhibition hall.

Sunshine Ruiruite Home Plaza is located in the golden area of ​​the southern part of Handan City. It can radiate the construction of many new residential areas such as Zhaodu New City, Arcadia, Midea, Hyundai, and Wanju Triumph City and Matou New District. It covers an area of ​​more than 13 acres and has a business area of ​​40,000 square meters. It mainly deals in medium and high-grade building materials and homes. It is committed to building a comprehensive quality building materials and home market in Bengbu City with excellent quality and low price. The excellent brands are: Whale Whale Sanitary Ware Huida Sanitary Ware, Guanzhu Ceramics, General General Ceramics, Kamia Ceramics, Icon Floor, Gold Cabinets, etc.

The ultra-large-scale exhibition hall and super-full range of products, all the outstanding brands make full use of the advantages given by Sunshine and the manufacturers to create the most complete and lowest-priced building materials and home market in Handan City. These big stores are bound to buy products for consumers. Provide more choices.

Third, the concept of service management and the use of sunshine cards

At the beginning of the establishment of Sunshine, we have formulated three service commitments, namely “quality first payment”, “seven days no reason to return” and “three times the difference”. Let consumers shop safely and at the same time, feel the market's intimate service concept. The biggest difference between Sunshine and other stores is the use of Sunshine Card, which not only facilitates consumers' shopping, but also brings the distance between Sunray and consumers. In addition, Sunshine Ruirui Zhonghua South Store also opened a number of convenient services: you can pay gas bills, telephone bills, etc.; you can also recharge the bus card, which is convenient for consumers and merchants, but also convenient for the surrounding residents, let the sun 滏Reiter is closer to the lives of ordinary people.

Reporter: What is the recent development plan of Sunshine Ruiruite?

Zhang Haiping: For Sunshine Ruiruite, how to steadily pass 2012 and achieve market share increase in the fierce competition in the industry and the bad environment is the focus of the coming year.

Sunshine Reiter has experienced the development of one year and has won the trust and support of the people of Bengbu for Sunshine. Here, I sincerely thank the consumers for their love for Sunshine in the past year. On the road, we will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of “integrity management” and “three service commitments” to provide consumers with the highest quality products and the most intimate service. In the fierce market competition, we will prove ours with practical actions. value!

Reporter: Thank you very much Zhang for accepting our interview!

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