Differentiated dried fruit bottle packaging facilitates brand growth

In the food market, whether we are visiting the supermarket or taking the wholesale market, dried fruit is a relatively large share of the market. With the improvement of quality of life, the dried fruit market has also begun to change from ordinary seeds, peanuts to walnuts, pistachios and other products. The attractive prospects of the dried fruit market have attracted more and more food companies to enter, which has also led to the growth of growers.

The packaging of dried fruit bottles has always been based on wide-mouth bottles, which are convenient for consumers. Bottles are mainly transparent, transparent bottle of dried fruit can show the product in the eyes of consumers, interact with consumers. Glass dried fruit bottles are the main packaging materials in the early days, and PET bottles are starting to replace glass dried fruit bottles because of their low cost and resistance to falling.

In the dried fruit market, there are not many well-known brands, and there is not much difference among many brands. The competition is fierce and they imitate each other on the packaging. Branding is the inevitable path for the dried fruit market. The beautiful and differentiated dried fruit bottle will play a significant role in promoting the branding of dried fruit.


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