Hualin Kaidi Li Yueping: continuous original is not afraid of plagiarism

Reporter: Mr. Li, hello, thank you very much for accepting our interview. Please introduce yourself to our netizens!

Mr. Li: Hello everyone, I am Li Yueping. I am the general manager of the direct sales center of Hualin Kaidi Furniture Co., Ltd.

Reporter: What kind of enterprise is Hualin Kaidi Home?

Mr. Li: Our company has a history of nearly 20 years. The furniture that we see on the spot is very special. Even many people think it is very different. It is also the most complicated furniture in the furniture industry because it The main material combines three main materials: solid wood, sheet metal and leather. In addition to the process of wood processing in our normal furniture production, there are many skinning processes, so the furniture actually requires the craft. Very high, and the hand-built parts are very much.

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Reporter: What is our product design philosophy?

Mr. Li: This product was originally originally from Spain, because the craftsmanship of the car and the enthusiasm in the inside are some of the clues from the Spanish culture, especially when I introduce you to see A famous city in Spain, Valentia, this city has many ancient buildings, which can be found in the oldest buildings and the most modern buildings to find this unique temperament.

Li Yueping, General Manager of Hualin Kaidi Furniture

Reporter: Do you feel different from previous exhibitions when you attend this exhibition today?

Mr. Li: We are exhibiting for the first time at this home fair. This is a B2C exhibition. In the Beijing area as a furniture exhibition, we feel that this quality is very good, whether it is the previous preparation work, customer invitation, and early stage. The organizing committee has very good cooperation with our exhibitors. From the results of the first day today, we are also very satisfied.

Reporter: This spring's decoration has entered the traditional decoration season. What new products, services or marketing strategies have we launched for this season?

Mr. Li: We have been doing this product for 20 years. In fact, for foreign guests, they are more inclined to very classic products, so we have some products that have actually not changed much in 20 years. However, since we started to do domestic sales for four or five years, there are more than 100 specialty stores in China. We found that Chinese guests prefer frequent changes and hope to have more elements every year. So in the exhibition in March this year, our entire team injected new vitality into the brand. We changed 50% of the new products. At this year's exhibition, the elements have some changes and the colors are also rich.

Reporter: You said that we have our own professional design team. At the just-concluded three major furniture exhibitions in Guangzhou, the topic of plagiarism and cottage has received extensive attention. What do you think about plagiarism?

Mr. Li: Normally, the originality is not afraid of plagiarism, and plagiarism has a characteristic. He will follow such hotspots and trends. When a product and category, a trend element is very trendy, he will plagiarize. In the past two years, they will definitely follow another kind of thing. In the home industry, there are many products that have experienced such a process, including our products in the year of 2003, because it was the best time to be plagiarized by many manufacturers. But now that it is gone, persistence is the key factor, and you have your own core ideas and sustainable development that you are really not afraid of others plagiarism.

Reporter: We have seen many companies take the initiative to defend their rights this year and counter the plagiarism manufacturers. If you are, what do you do?

Mr. Li: Rights protection is of course necessary, but for us, we feel confident that we cannot be plagiarized in many fields. For example, the category I introduced just now is the most complicated in terms of processing technology. Furniture, to achieve such quality is almost no other factory can be achieved in a short period of time, a very simple example, we a skinned worker at the factory for 15 years to achieve such a process, and We also went to many international exhibitions to see foreign brands or their intensive craftsmanship. They are currently able to surpass us in the craft of the car line, so we are very confident in the craft.

In addition, we have always insisted on our original design, so we have our own core elements when we improve and re-launch our new works every year, so we are not afraid to be copied again. In fact, we are more hopeful. Many people see our elements, like our elements, and use our core elements.

Reporter: Listen to you, we are very professional and deep-funded furniture manufacturers. This year, influenced by some upstream real estate regulation, our home furnishing industry should be relatively light. Are you optimistic about our prospects for the home furnishing industry this year?

Mr. Li: Actually, the entire furniture industry, I can't judge how this industry will be, but I think that with our many years of experience, every industry has its downturn, but each category is actually in At each stage, there is a time when you need to deal with this market strategy. Because our brand does not have a long time to do domestic sales, so we understand and understand the domestic market and communicate with domestic guests in this part. There are a lot of parts that need improvement, so we are more concerned about how we can better communicate with our customers and focus our products on the needs of domestic customers. The big trend is not for us. the key of.

Reporter: What kind of purpose is it for us to participate in this exhibition?

Mr. Li: Let more people know our brand, our products, today I saw many designers on the spot, there are many media, and there are many customers of the terminal. In fact, most of them are for them. I saw our products for the first time, so we hope to have the best look, let them know our products better, and like our products.

Reporter: I believe that this goal will be achieved. Thank you very much for accepting our interview.

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