The furniture industry encounters a low valley, it needs to establish confidence and develop channels to rebuild quality.

In the past two years, the furniture industry has fallen into the biggest trough in the past 30 years, and the soft furniture has also shown signs of decline. How to curb the decline in sales and efficiency as soon as possible, test the wisdom and courage of many software furniture business operators.

Establish confidence and explore business opportunities

Since 2009, the state has squeezed the real estate bubble through real estate regulation and control, and real estate transactions have slowed down, which has had a certain negative impact on the furniture industry downstream of real estate. On the other hand, we should also see that the “post-80s” have reached the end of their lives. They are not going to rise in the rigid demand for housing in order to get married, and further the urbanization in the 12th Five-Year Plan. Advance, furniture companies should establish confidence in the market.

On the basis of building confidence, software furniture companies need to carefully analyze market trends and be keen to seek new business opportunities. For example, the following two business opportunities are worthy of grasping and carefully excavating soft furniture.

The first is the demand for furniture brought about by affordable housing. Under the sluggish market conditions, the affordable housing promoted by the Chinese government is a precious cake. It is necessary for the soft furniture company to make targeted adjustments to the production direction and product development of the cake. For example, the introduction of small and medium-sized furniture for small units, sofas and soft beds featuring cost-effective and functional combination.

Secondly, the increase in the demand for hotel furniture market is also worthy of close attention by software companies. With the rapid development of China's tourism industry, the demand for leisure resorts will also increase exponentially. The development of China's hotel industry is promising. These new hotels have great demand for soft furniture. According to statistics, from January to March 2011, the number of star-rated hotels opened in China reached 43 and the total number of guest rooms exceeded 11,454 (sets). The demand for sofas and soft beds was quite attractive.

Broaden channels and innovate marketing tools

At present, channel expansion and marketing innovation have become the hottest topic in the industry. In order to get out of the predicament, software and furniture companies need to improve in these two aspects.

In terms of channel expansion, software furniture enterprises should establish a clear direction, starting from the reality of their own financial strength, market operation strength, management ability and market positioning, and decide whether the company is mainly based on direct sales stores or franchised stores. In the case of mature conditions, software companies can consider embarking on e-commerce and launch products for online sales. At present, the national warehouse-type direct selling stores show great cost-saving advantages, and software-based enterprises may also consider entering such warehouse-type direct selling stores.

In terms of marketing tools, companies should continue to innovate and remain efficient. Taking community marketing as an example, software-based enterprises should establish an efficient and feasible mechanism, and urge all terminal store dealers to keep paying attention to large-scale real estate projects at any time, and actively engage with real estate agents, home improvement companies, home improvement designers, and housing owners in the community. Cooperation, increase the promotion of products in the community, and enhance the business of the community.

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