In 2012, the mahogany furniture market is still optimistic about mahogany businesses.

Since October 2011, the Xiamen mahogany furniture market has continued to be hot, and mahogany furniture transactions have been frequent. Recently, the company's market personnel visited the Xiamen mahogany furniture market and found that after the Spring Festival, although the growth of mahogany trading volume gradually slowed down, there was not much turnover of expensive mahogany furniture. However, according to the market's understanding, many mahogany merchants are still very optimistic about the 2012 mahogany furniture market, and are not eager to produce backlog of inventory. What are the reasons for their position?

Reason one, mahogany furniture raw materials are scarce

Due to the scarcity of mahogany raw materials, the demand for mahogany furniture has increased tenfold or even hundreds of times in recent years due to the increasing demand for mahogany furniture. Although the prices of raw materials in some places have declined slightly, the price of mahogany furniture will continue to rise steadily this year. Mr. Chen, the person in charge of the famous Dingtan mahogany furniture Xiamen store, said, “The raw materials for the manufacture of mahogany classical furniture mainly include black rosewood, huanghuali, lobular rosewood and other woods. Because these woods grow slowly, they are difficult to produce, and most of them are Imported from Southeast Asian countries, coupled with the strict restrictions on the harvesting and export of these precious woods, the raw materials of mahogany furniture are increasingly scarce.” He believes that the market price of mahogany furniture will continue to be bullish in 2012, especially Some fine mahogany furniture, the increase is estimated to be more than 20%.

It is reported that in the major mahogany furniture market in China, the highest market value is Hainan huanghuali, Hainan huanghuali material with a diameter of 20 cm and a length of 1 m to 1.5 m. The market price is 3,000 yuan to 3,500 yuan per catty. However, it is learned from the major timber nets that in 2001, Hainan huanghuali was only 45 yuan per catty. In comparison, the price of Hainan huanghuali rose by about seventy to eighty times in ten years.

The second reason, fine mahogany furniture will enter the luxury world

What is fine mahogany furniture? It is a mahogany furniture with excellent materials, finely selected materials, finely crafted and exquisite craftsmanship. In 2011, Hermès, an internationally renowned luxury brand, included mahogany furniture for its first time in its product line. When the mahogany chair appeared in the Hermès Shanghai showroom, mahogany furniture has since been associated with luxury goods. From the characteristics of luxury goods, mahogany furniture is fully possessed, such as scarce mahogany raw materials, unique production techniques, profound cultural connotations and so on. It is a symbol of identity and a display of cultural taste. Although with the continuous development and evolution of mahogany furniture, people need subtle changes, but most of the powerful mahogany buyers value the practical value of mahogany furniture, but more important is that the mahogany has the characteristics of no value and appreciation. .

The mahogany furniture is a combination of practicality, art, collection and inheritance. It is naturally loved by the majority of mahogany lovers, especially the fine mahogany furniture. Based on the two main reasons mentioned above, it can be said that some mahogany businesses are optimistic about the 2012 mahogany furniture market is not unreasonable.

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