Bolognese Zhou Yong: The brand positioning remains unchanged and more pragmatic


Lin Zhouyong, General Manager of Boloni Brand Promotion Department

Reporter: Hello, everyone, the guest who came to our studio today is Lin Zhouyong, general manager of Boloni Brand Promotion Department. Mr. Lin, hello!

Lin Zhouyong: Hello, everyone.

I want to make "installation" clear and transparent.

Reporter: Today we mainly talk about the "0 risk renovation plan." We also know that Bologna has been known for its high-end and advocacy lifestyle for a long time. Why is it the first big thing in 2012? Is this a return or a helpless move?

Lin Zhouyong: Our Bolognese always gives everyone the impression that we are the brand of lifestyle. We also do a good job in the lifestyle. We have the Boloni Home Experience Hall, and we have also launched the seven poses and sixteen styles... However, we found that so many things have been pushed, but many things need to be grounded. When customers need to choose you, in addition to expressing a very good life dream and lifestyle, they need to pay more attention to their own home decoration, our home. How is the quality of life, how do we quote during the renovation process?

Because the renovation is a very complicated process, this complex process requires the customer to understand the details. We can decompose one home decoration, one is "home" and the other is "installation". We understand that "home" is a result. The decoration is to have a very beautiful home after living in. This is the way we say life; "It's just a process, so we just did a good job at home, but we didn't do enough in the process of doing it, so we want to introduce a zero-risk decoration plan in the process of decoration and decoration, and we want to understand the "installation". Do it thoroughly.

“0 Risk Renovation Plan” includes 4 “0 Risks”

Reporter: A good "to make things clear and thorough", then, in what ways will Boloni launch the "0 risk decoration plan" to "through"?

Lin Zhouyong: We say “0 risk” because we know that the complaints are the most during the decoration process. The complaints about the decoration of Chinese consumers’ complaints have always topped the list. Why are there so many complaints because the industry is particularly complicated and extremely opaque? Everyone faces a lot of risks, so we have to take a lot of courage to say "0 risk" this time. We analyze the customer in four aspects to achieve zero risk:

The first one is “0 additions”. The truth of this industry is the most common problem, so we want to achieve zero risk completely in the things of the increase. First, we adjust the proportion of the team with the team, we give up Part of the profit; second, we will remind customers that there may be 28 traps to prevent the increase of the trap, the increase of these tricky customers know, the team will not add more; and we have very strong penalties, Let the team not dare to increase the number of items, in this respect to achieve 0 risk, this will solve a large renovation complaints.

The second is the “risk of team selection”. The customer does not have the right to choose the team. You sign a contract in this company and then send a team to you by someone in the engineering department of the company. This team is not good, it doesn't matter if you don't know your appetite, and you are not satisfied with this team during this process. Generally, the company is not willing to change it for you. We have made a team reputation list, what did the previous team work, whether it is good or not, this ranking will be found, with this team will not offend you, you write a question He can't take orders anymore. The second one has the right to choose your own choice. From this perspective, it is much better than the traditional model. The traditional model selection team is an opaque process.

The third risk is “clear price” and the price is zero risk. Because of the home improvement process, everyone complained that the industry is opaque, including the fact that the home has launched a clear price for a while ago. There will be many price traps in the building materials. The price trap in the home improvement construction is much more than the building materials, and the water is deeper. Therefore, we want to be in the process of quotation construction, we are completely clear price, all prices are particularly transparent, especially clear, and there are many companies on this issue, they are used to the method of attracting customers with low prices. Your home decoration, 50,000 yuan can come down, he will continue to increase in the process, there will be new things, maybe 80,000, 100,000 still can not come, so we are completely clear in this aspect. The second price of all of us is the most rigid in the industry. Under the same quality conditions, our prices will only be cheaper than them. We can completely reassure our customers in terms of construction quotation.

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