Analysis of Production Problems of Raw Materials and Assemblies of Mineral Water Bottle Caps

Today we come to talk about mineral water bottle caps, although very humble, but its market sales is bottle cap manufacturers can not be ignored. For some new plastic bottle caps, during the process of blowing mineral water bottle caps, there will be many problems from raw materials to assembly. We will talk about them in detail today. First of all, we recommend the use of low-pressure material brands 5000S and 7042 for mineral water. The other low-pressure mineral water bottles are prone to cracks. In addition, mineral water bottle caps will also appear broken in the assembly process, this time, you need to find the reasons from the following aspects: First, PP material quality is directly related to the quality of finished products, the second mineral water bottle cap is easy to break. Second, the uneven pressure of the capping machine is prone to cracks. Once again, there are uniform standards for mineral water bottles, and lid diameter and non-standard bottle openings are also prone to cracks. Then, when the cap is pressed, the temperature of the cap assembly is too low, the temperature is too low, and the lid is also easily broken. Then, whether the process in the cap production process meets the requirements. Finally, long cylindrical water bottle cap, when the cartridge cover lid easy to crack.

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