Mousse Bedding Yao Jiqing: Preferred Healthy Sleep System

Musi Yao Jiqing: Integrating global resources to promote healthy sleep

Yao Jiqing, President of Mousse Bedding Products Co., Ltd.

[Reporter] Hello, Mr. Yao, I am very glad that you accepted our interview. Today, Mousse joined the pan-home industry alliance - the launch of the champion league brand camp was successfully held, and the star support of Zhou Huimin also caused a great sensation. Can you introduce the original intention of today's event?

[Yao Jiqing] Mousse is a healthy sleep brand, because the concept of healthy sleep has been neglected in China. In fact, we spend 1/3 of our time in bed, but in fact everyone is often reluctant to sleep. Every day is busy, I feel as if I have to sacrifice my sleep and sacrifice my body to earn more wealth. And this is exactly contrary to the concept of healthy living, so we think that the most important thing to improve the personal happiness index is to ensure the most basic thing - just to sleep well.

Sleeping well solves a few basic problems. The first is to solve the problem of personal health. In fact, whether it is an elderly person, a child or a middle-aged person, personal health is responsible for the family, responsible for himself, and responsible for the cause. Responsible for the company, if there are problems with sleep disorders and insomnia, this will bring a lot of complications, these complications will bring negative problems to themselves and society, such as drunk driving. In fact, according to statistics, fatigue driving is much more serious than drunk driving, but there is no concern about fatigue driving.

Also, I often hear that some very good entrepreneurs have various problems in their bodies. In fact, these are often caused by anxiety and insufficient sleep due to various factors. These lack of sleep will eventually affect the company. Development, so sleep is also linked to the economy. It is not just a medical problem, it is definitely a social problem, an economic problem.

Therefore, I feel that when the "World Sleep Day" arrives, we constantly esteem and advocate, and let the people feel the importance of sleep in a variety of ways. This is our responsibility as a company, and this is also a muse. Always an important mission. So today we joined the Champions League to start this event, because the Champions League brands are leaders in different industries, and they have a great role in promoting the consumers in the industry, so that the main brands of our Champions League through the brand of the alliance People are familiar with and understand healthy sleep, and through such an activity to drive the entire country to gradually improve and enhance the concept of healthy sleep.

[Reporter] What is the most attractive place for you to move from the European cabinet to the mousse bedding?

[Yao Jiqing] I think this is just a personal career choice. What is important is that I think the sleep industry is a relatively large industry. There are actually 200 billion markets in this market. This is the first point.

The second point is that Mousse's business model is a very good business model, and now the prototype has been formed. In fact, it is a way to personalize and adjust the individual's deep sleep system. Before that, each bed is the same. You can go to the standard to buy a soft bed, but the mousse is not like this. Mousse is tailored to suit your specific width according to each person's height, each person's weight, and the characteristics of each person's bones. My own set of bedding, in the past is to let the body adapt to this bed, now the business model of mousse is to let you adapt to this soft bed sleep system, I think this is the biggest difference.

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