Evaluation: Interpretation of tranquility and vitality Moenport bathroom cabinet combination


Moen Bolt Porter 750mm bathroom cabinet combination is a simple and practical furniture. The square overall contour, the wide basin and the curved pelvic cavity combine to create a unique balance of modern minimalist furniture.


Moen Bolt Porter bathroom cabinet combination design is simple and stylish, elegant gray appearance, elegant atmosphere, square contour, with large table top and curved surface pelvic cavity, dynamic and static visual contrast effect, bringing dynamic freshness, Interpret the dual concept of tranquility and vitality.


Because the bathroom environment is usually heavy, the moisture resistance of the bathroom furniture is higher. Moen Bolt porter cabinet combination uses rabbit baby moisture-proof multi-layer board, passed the European standard E1 certification, and China's ten-ring mark certification, formaldehyde emission <1.5mg / L, environmental performance is very good. The solid wood multi-layer board has good strength and durability, stable size, high nail holding power, good water and moisture resistance, and is an ideal material for bathroom cabinet plates.


Experiments have shown that 8-10% of wood moisture content is recognized as the optimal ratio in the international furniture industry. When wood moisture content is less than 6%, the material is prone to internal cracking, while above 10%, in dry environment. The cabinet will also crack. Moen uses EMC drying equipment to ensure that the wood moisture content is 8~10%, and the 24h water absorption thickness expansion rate is <10%, ensuring the stability of the wood before painting.

Moen Bolt Porter bathroom cabinet paint selection of China's ten ring mark certification of China Resources Environmentally friendly tasteless PU furniture paint, the cabinet surface color uniform, fine texture. It is understood that the Moen Bolt porter cabinet surface is treated with 2 waterproof paints, 3 primers and 2 coats of paint. The moisture resistance and waterproof performance are good, ensuring excellent moisture resistance of the cabinet.

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