Experts poured red water on the new national standard of mahogany furniture

Mahogany furniture

Some time ago, talking about the chaos of the management of the mahogany furniture industry, the call for "promoting the national standard of mahogany furniture as soon as possible" and "improving the level of testing technology" is particularly urgent. However, the reporter also heard another voice in the relevant interviews, and poured cold water on the national standard "hungry."

Some experts said that the existing national standards for mahogany violate the common sense that mahogany is a variable rather than a constant. The species of redwood cannot be determined, and there must be no clearly defined mahogany furniture standards. As long as the species of redwood cannot be determined, redwood is not an object that can be "detected".

High probability of successful commercial fraud

Now talking about the 2010 mahogany furniture market, the industry is still remembering the "white skin incident." The so-called "white skin" is a common name for the redwood sapwood, and its price is far from the "heartwood". At the end of 2010, some media exposed more than 60% of the mahogany furniture in a county in Fujian with “white skin” sales, which triggered industry shocks.

For this incident, some industry experts believe that it is essentially a matter of sub-filling, cutting corners, and information asymmetry, which is simply a matter of commercial fraud.

Experts have warned that commercial fraud is much less likely to succeed in commercial necessities than in commercial production and sales. The same is a luxury, the detection method of gold and silver products has been relatively mature and mature, and the probability of consumers being deceived is gradually decreasing.

Mahogany furniture is a luxury item in China. Although it has little impact on the whole society, the problem of shoddy filling still makes consumers complain. Consumers are not afraid of "three in one", and the regulatory means are difficult to perfect, which is the embarrassment of the mahogany furniture market.

Open mahogany definition

“Redwood is easier to fake because it is the name of a commodity, not a scientific name.” Dr. Zhang Yibing, a researcher at the Shenzhen Cultural Relics and Archaeology Institute, told reporters that “redwood” as a commodity may be a kind of wood, or it may be It is a variety of wood. The concept of "redwood" has been completely open since its inception.

Zhang Yibing said that the so-called "redwood" in practice has been more than 30 species. Historically, the species contained in redwoods are dynamically changing. The earliest may have rosewood and red sandalwood. Later, they added huanghuali, big-eyed rosewood, etc., and later added chicken wings, rosewood, etc. Today’s "redwood" probably has Dozens.

From this perspective, the national standards of redwoods promulgated in previous years have, to a certain extent, violated the common sense that redwood is a variable rather than a constant.

The reporter saw the national standard of redwood released in 2000, and divided the redwood into 5 categories, 8 categories and 33 categories. However, it is also stipulated that the heartwood of other tree species not included in this standard in the five genera may also be called mahogany in terms of density, structure and color of the material in accordance with this standard.

Some experts in the industry pointed out that the industry standard "Dark and expensive hardwood furniture" implemented on September 1, 2008 and the national standard of mahogany are not uniform, which also reflects the problem of redwood definition. In practice, the lack of uniformity often makes the regulatory authorities feel overwhelmed.

Zhang Yibing emphasized that as long as the species of redwood cannot be determined, redwood is not an object that can be detected. Because for detection, its objects must be static and single. And mahogany is a concept of dynamic clustering, which is the traditional Chinese commodity name.

Difficult to define clear standards

Industry chaos has caused many people to see the lag of relevant standards, but how much will the mahogany furniture standard be used once it is introduced? Zhang Yibing’s view is: “I can’t stop making fakes and it’s not very useful.

In his view, "the standard is also difficult to come out" because the species of redwood cannot be determined and there is no clear standard. Ancient and modern mahogany furniture materials may have more than 50 "species", which is equal to no standard. The price gap of more than 50 "species" of wood is too large, leaving too much space for fraud and shoddy and cut corners.

In Zhang Yibing's view, the surface value of mahogany furniture seems to be a practical physical value, but it is actually the subject and tool of social wealth redistribution. Defining the ambiguity can greatly enhance its value as a subject and tool for the redistribution of social wealth. Some of the "mahogany furniture" stakeholders do not want to have clearly defined standards.

In reality, when interests are infringed, both enterprises and consumers hope that the government will legislate to regulate the chaos. But the problem is often not that simple. Lack of research, passive blind legislation, and not only bring waste of legislative standards resources, but also lead to a lot of "abolished laws" and "discarded standards", so that they can not be implemented well, and the final problem is not solved. But it damages the dignity of laws, regulations and standards.

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