Can the wooden door industry fall into the bottleneck? Can the new national standard clear the industry chaos?

In the future, with the gradual increase of the market share of standardized wooden doors, the degree of market segmentation of the wooden door industry will become more obvious. Standardized wooden doors will become the mainstream of the wooden door market. The author believes that this will be an inevitable trend in the development of the wooden door industry. However, the development of the wooden door industry to a certain stage, like other industries, has emerged as a “bottleneck” for development. Mixed fish and dragons, frequent quality problems, seriously affected the image of the wooden door industry, slowing the pace of the wood door industry. Many wooden door enterprises hope to standardize the development order of the wooden door industry and promote the sound development of the industry.

At present, the wooden door products mainly implement two product standards of JG/T 122-2000 "Building Wooden Doors and Windows" and WB/T 1024-2006 "Wooden Doors". At the beginning of 2011, the China Consumers Association sampled 21 wooden doors of 21 wooden door manufacturers according to the standard “Building wooden doors and wooden windows”. According to the survey results, some of the wooden doors did not reach the index of “impregnation and peeling”. The incident once caused a widespread debate in the wooden door industry about wooden door standards. The "wooden door" industry standard was introduced in 2006, and the 4th edition has been revised so far, and the circulation is large. However, the industry standard is recommended, and there are not many mandatory provisions (only important indicators such as environmental protection are mandatory, such as the quota limit for formaldehyde, etc.).

Some unscrupulous merchants have exploited the lack of mandatory national standards in the wooden door industry, cutting corners and shoddy, seriously affecting the image and credibility of the wooden door industry.

When I visited the market, I learned that most of the wooden doors on the market currently use PU paint. In general, PU paints have to go through six processes, such as color finding, coloring on the top and bottom, and some brand wooden door companies will even do seven or eight processes to ensure that the products produced are full of color and bright colors. However, the author found that some doors produced by the door enterprises only have two or three processes in painting. The author has roughly estimated that the wooden door will be painted less than once, saving at least 50 yuan in paint costs. Some companies have taken a fancy to this part of the profit margin and have reduced the processing of wooden doors.

In order to save costs, some solid wood composite door enterprises use high-quality wood in places where the wooden door is close to the door lock and the hinges are installed, and inferior wood is used in other areas of the door. Because the door lock needs to be burrowed, the consumer can see the quality wood near the lock hole, but it is difficult to find the inferior part. Even if consumers find that companies use inferior materials to produce doors, it is difficult to maintain legitimate rights and interests because there are no relevant regulations.

Other companies have described the surface sticker wooden door as a veneered wooden door. Because the texture of the grainy paper surface is very similar to the real wood grain texture, consumers can't see it without careful discrimination. The cost of the sticker wooden door and the wooden veneer door is very different. The price per square meter of veneer is three or four hundred dollars more than that of wood grain paper. Therefore, some wooden door operators deceive consumers in order to obtain huge profits.

After investigation, the author found that there are still some differences between the sticker wooden door and the veneer wooden door. The grainy paper pattern is more dull and even. Several wooden doors with the same stickers are arranged together, and the lines will show consistency. If the groove is encountered, the surface of the sticker wooden door is round and docile; several pieces of the same kind of wood veneer When the wooden doors are put together, the lines will not be consistent, and the areas with grooves will have crusting, spots, black lines, etc., neither round nor obedient.

The door is composed of a door cover and a door leaf. In general, the installation of the door cover is divided into two steps. First install the frame of the door cover on the wall and then cover the base plate and veneer on the frame. According to the author's understanding, the door covers installed by some illegal operators have not completely followed these two steps. Some inferior door sets do not have a base layer added, and only a thin veneer is attached to the surface of the door frame, which makes it difficult to completely bond the board and the wall.

Some operators claim to use solid wood edge when selling goods, but in the actual production process, they use wood plastic instead. The price of ordinary wood-plastic edge and solid wood edge material varies greatly. The price of wood-plastic edge is between 60 yuan and 80 yuan per meter, while the price of solid wood edge is more than 100 yuan. According to the author's understanding, using the wood-plastic edge door products, tapping the side panel with your hand will make an empty drum sound.

There are two types of wooden door specifications in China's wooden door market - standardized wooden doors and custom wooden doors. At present, the mainstream of the market is the custom wooden door. Customized wooden doors are highly demanding in terms of measurement, design, installation, etc., and problems in any one of the links may cause product failure. According to industry insiders, due to the lack of mandatory industry standards, the complaint rate of wooden door consumers is increasing year by year. In a certain sense, the standardized production of wooden doors will reduce the quality of wooden doors and promote the healthy development of the wooden door industry.

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