UV machine structure and important components

A UV curing machine is a mechanical device that can emit strong ultraviolet rays that can be used. It has been widely used in flooring, furniture, wooden doors, printing, electronics, building materials, machinery and other industries.
The types and styles of UV curing machines vary according to the type of product they are used to, but their ultimate purpose is the same. They are used to cure UV paints or UV inks. The UV curing device consists of five parts: light source system, ventilation system, control system, transmission system, and cabinet.

First, the light source system It consists of UV lamp, lampshade, transformer (ballast), capacitor (trigger).
1. UV Lamp UV lamp currently on the market is divided into two types: high pressure mercury lamp and metal halide lamp. High-pressure mercury lamps are commonly used in domestic equipment, and some of the imported equipment use metal halide lamps.
1. UV lamp power selection.
(1) The power of the UV lamp, that is, the radiant energy of the UV lamp, is also called penetrating power. First, it must meet the spectral wavelength and power density requirements of UV ink (gloss) absorption. If the power of the UV lamp is not enough, even if the lighting time is longer, the number of UV curing devices is more, and the product cannot reach full curing. On the contrary, the surface of the UV ink (gloss) will be aged, closed, brittle, and the like. At the same time, the adhesion of the ink (bright oil) is also not good, and the superimposed interlayer adhesion force will be poor. Because the low-power UV light cannot penetrate the bottom of the ink layer, the bottom is not cured or cured sufficiently.
(2) UV lamp power is generally required to meet the requirements of 80 ~ 120W/cm, but the greater the power will be the greater the heat, so depending on the solidification and curing speed to choose different power.
(3) The maximum lifetime of a UV lamp is generally 800-1000 hours, and it should be replaced after it is reached, because the intensity of UV light emitted by a UV lamp at this time period becomes weak, which will affect the curing effect. At the same time, according to the different production environments (dust content of air) during the service period, it is recommended to clean the reflection plate on the surface of the lamp tube and reflector surface with absolute ethanol at an appropriate time, and then turn the UV lamp tube by 90°. This is conducive to UV rays all effective radiation to UV ink or varnish, to ensure a certain penetration.

2. The types of reflectors in the reflector are focused, unfocused, and reflective. The focus is generally used. The structure of this reflector is characterized by the concentrated energy of the reflected UV light, the high efficiency of photo-curing, which is conducive to the solidification of the ink of the thick ink layer, and the complete curing of the deep ink layer. In this regard, attention should be paid to the selection and shape of the reflector.
(1) Aluminum must be used for material selection, but iron or stainless steel cannot be used for cost saving because stainless steel plates will turn black at high temperatures. After blackening, they will not only reflect light but also absorb light. Reflective effect is the best mirror aluminum oxide plate, the reflectance of up to 80% or more, thereby greatly improving the utilization of UV.
(2) The shape of the shape reflector is to ensure that the UV light can be gathered together, so the shape of the semicircle is best. Also note the placement of the UV lamp to ensure it is in focus. In addition, the reflector is an important channel for heat dissipation of the UV lamp. Therefore, the outer side of the aluminum cover must be processed into a heat sink to increase the heat dissipation area. Reflectors play a very important role in UV curing devices. Some manufacturers often ignore its role, and use some alternatives to act as a reflector, and even do not install a reflector, so that UV light 40% -50% of the UV energy is wasted. The countermeasures of some manufacturers are to increase the power of UV lamps blindly. This not only fails to fundamentally solve the problem, but also causes a greater waste of electrical energy.

3. The choice of transformer transformer must match the power of the UV lamp. That is, the transformer must have enough output voltage to ensure that the UV lamp can work at full power. If the output voltage is too high, the lamp tube will be burnt; and if the output voltage is too low, the lamp tube will not be able to work at full power, so that the intensity of the ultraviolet output will be insufficient.

4. The choice of capacitor capacitance should be matched with the lamp and transformer. According to the output voltage of the transformer, select the capacity of the capacitor used. If it is not properly selected, the capacitor will breakdown, affecting the normal operation of the UV curing device.

Second, the ventilation system It consists of a fan, air duct, wind hood. What should be noted here is the choice of fan, the control of air volume and the way of exhausting air.
1. The choice of fan should be determined according to the power of the UV lamp and the actual situation of the space in the cabinet. Generally, two wind fans and two wind turbines are to be distributed, but there are only one draught fan. Inadequate fan power and insufficient exhaust air volume can lead to overheating of the chassis, shortening the lamp life, and even melting. It also makes it difficult to ensure the quality of the cured product. If the fan power is too large, the air volume is too high and the temperature inside the chassis is too low. UV lamps cannot work at full power, and cured products are not easy to dry.
2. The air volume control means that the air volume of the UV curing device should be adjustable. This is because it is necessary to take into account the large temperature difference between winter and summer, and many factories do not have a constant temperature workshop. Therefore, if the UV curing device works in the same amount of air in winter and summer, it will definitely affect the quality of the product. Normally, two fans are controlled by a temperature control method. When a certain temperature is reached, a fan is automatically started. Then a certain temperature is reached and another fan is started. A live valve is arranged on the exhaust and the air inlet to control the fan. Wind and exhaust air volume.
3. The method of exhausting wind refers to taking the form of an upper wind or a lower wind. But in any way, do not blow the wind directly to the UV lamp, because the consequence of this is that the UV lamp can not work at full power (light from white to non-glare blue) due to heat loss. Make the ink dry at all.

Third, the control system It is used to control the entire system of light solid work.
What is worth noting here is:
1. The fan's control is best controlled automatically by the temperature (covered in the previous section), because control by the person may be omissions, and not accurate enough.
2. Turn on the light when starting the machine, and then turn on the fan after 2-3 minutes (if the fan is not temperature controlled).
3. After shutdown, the fan should continue to operate until the lamp and the cabinet cool down.
4. The secondary start-up waits until the lamp cools completely before starting.

Fourth, the transmission system It consists of speed motor (or frequency control), conveyor belt, chain (or conveyor roller) composition.
What should be noticed here is the speed adjustment problem. Curing speed should be considered from two aspects, one is full curing, and the other is curing at the best speed. The optimal speed is selected by passing the product through the UV curing device at a certain speed, and if it is cured, speeds up until the ink layer of the product that comes out of the UV curing device cannot be cured. The speed multiplied by 0.8 is the best speed. In addition, you should also pay attention to the lamp usage time, because with the use of energy attenuation of the Uv lamp, the speed should also be slowed down.

5. The size of the box body is determined based on the product applied to the UV curing device.
In this regard, it should be noted that: To make the surface of the box flat, the internal light can be irradiated to the place should be set up as much as possible to avoid the outside temperature of the box to burn people. There should be no light leakage outside. In short, in order to make the UV curing device work safely and normally, the light curing achieves the best results. The above components should be taken care of and no one link can be ignored.
The UV machine is a UV curing machine. Its principle is to cure the liquid material in a short time by irradiating the surface of the liquid material with ultraviolet rays.
Its advantages are fast solidification and good surface gloss.
UV machine with its unique performance to meet the needs of the current market. Like UV printing inks for cigarette packs, wine packaging, and matte labels, they cure quickly and have a good sand feel. It is used for offset printing of various non-permeable substrates, and has strong instantaneous drying adhesion. Baoding Zhongtian Electronic Equipment Factory has long-term supply of uv machines.
Such as UV transparent ink, UV foam ink, UV gem ink, UV ice ink, etc. are inseparable from the UV light machine. CD-ROM UV light solid ink printing optical disc, does not destroy the disc. After the curing by the light curing machine, the adhesion is good, the shrinkage is low, the abrasion resistance is good, the color is bright, and the binding force between the layers is good. According to the different needs of users, there are different types of UV curing machines on the market, there are HT-15 with high power density for printing optical discs, and HT-600 for large-format surface polishing and coating. Another HT-300B, HT-300C and other light curing machine for users to buy.

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