Mix and match the wind to attack Minx nail stickers to land in Hong Kong

Recently, Minx nail stickers, which have received a number of famous brands such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Missoni, have already landed in Hong Kong. The two founders came to Hong Kong earlier to share their creative concepts and talk about future trends.


Minx was founded in 2006 with the first promotion program in the West Coast of the United States, creating a tailor-made Minx manicure for LadyGaga, which was not yet known at the time. Then in November 2007, star manicurist Tom Bachik matched Beyonce. Golden Lightning Minx, who attended the National Music Awards ceremony, made Minx a hit. Red stars such as Katy Perry and Rihanna have also become users.


In the early years, he has cooperated with trend brands such as Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh and Thierry Mugler. Recently, even the Korean men's group Big Bang was used when shooting MVs.

Until 2012, Spring Summer Fashion Week really jumped into the fashion world, designing special edition Minx nail stickers for fashionweek for different types of fashion brands.

In 2012 Spring Summer Fashion Week, brands such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood goldlabel, Missoni, and David Koma used Minx as the color.


Earlier, Marc by Marc Jacobs launched a special Minx nail sticker called One Night Stand.

How good is Minx?

1. The ever-changing patterns and colors, but also the metallic, complex patterns that can not be made by nail polish or gel nails, and even the plating effect.

2. There is no chemical ingredient to keep your nails healthy and will not make your nails yellow.

3. Short production time, just cut the nail sticker into the desired shape, and do not need to apply basecoat and topcoat. Compared with general nail polish and gel nail, do not draw flowers, light the lamp or wait for the nail polish to dry, saving no Less time.

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