Thanksgiving must learn beauty makeup

The annual Thanksgiving Day is coming again, this is definitely a good day for parents! Can you be unexperienced, will you worry about the impression of the other elders? Don't worry, Xiaobian is here to teach you the good-looking beauty makeup that you must learn for Thanksgiving, so that you can grab their hearts!
What kind of makeup is most popular with the elders? The answer is definitely not the glamorous iceberg beauty, nor the makeup beauty that is over-dressed, but the "cotton beauty" with a sweet smile. Like cotton, the soft and soft makeup makes the elders feel quiet and clever, and who wouldn't like it? Sweet beauty makeup is definitely the killer of the elders' good eye!

Thanksgiving makeup

Make-up and natural look with the use of makeup and makeup techniques to create a good foundation for the skin, to create a cotton-like soft skin, and a petal-like ruddy color.
Step By Step
1. Draw a
round manhole to modify the pores, and draw a small circle in the form of a finger, and apply it on both sides of the nose and the forehead and other large pores.
2. Create natural translucent skin. Use pearlescent base lotion and liquid foundation to mix in a ratio of 1:2. Make a full face makeup, which can make the skin emit natural luster.
3. To modify the dark circles, use a concealer similar to the skin color, apply a proper amount to the most serious tears in the dark circles, and then apply evenly with your fingers.
4. Liquid blush makeup blush with orange-colored liquid or creamy blush, spread on the cheeks, and remember to push the line to dim, let the color into the skin.
5. A little powdery blush strengthens the blush brush and picks up the powdery orange powdery blush, gently pats the part of the laughing muscles to strengthen the rosy feeling.
6. Full face brush powder If the skin color is dull or yellowish, you can choose purple honey powder to adjust the skin tone. It is best to even brush your neck together, there will be no color difference.
7. Create a glossy eye makeup with a light-colored eye shadow brush under the eye socket, and apply mascara and inner eyeliner to emphasize the eyes.
8. Take a peach-colored lipstick and choose a peach-colored lipstick that is similar in color to the blush. It will be colored on the lips with a finger tap, and the effect will be more natural.

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