Unique Japanese makeup to see who can hold

A little personality but not an exaggerated Japanese makeup. How many girls can hold it? Don't worry, today we will call you the most practical Japanese makeup skills, ensuring that you can draw a beautiful look that is as refined as a magazine blockbuster.

Honey Buddha MAXFACTOR Magic Touch Foundation Cream (Iron Cake Cake Powder)

Specifications / price: 49g / 158 yuan

The magical three-state change instantly presents the perfect makeup in the background. Brings you an unprecedented flawless makeup and ultimate tactile experience. The condensed water sensation technology is the most amazing thing about MAXFACTORMIRACLETOUCH foundation cream. The unique woven-wax wax net can lock the liquid foundation in a solid state. When the foundation is pressed to the skin, the wax film on the outer layer is broken, and the internal moisture and foundation can be smoothly smoothed at the same time. Push away for a super smooth water quality. Containing a balanced moisturizing factor can lock in the loss of moisture and prevent the skin from drying out. During the application, the skin immediately appears hydrated and crystal clear, keeping the water for a whole day. Contains no oils and fragrances, zero burden on the skin, and always exudes natural radiance.

Pui Ling Fei beneficial perfect skin oil control primer

Pui Ling Fei beneficial perfect skin oil control primer

Specifications / price: 24g / 330 yuan

A new solution that makes your skin look fine, smooth and oil-free! It is Dr.feelgood - our magical facial beauty! It is colorless and light, with pores and fine lines to make the skin smooth and smooth. The vitamins C, E and A in the formula can protect the skin, resist external irritations, strengthen the skin's resistance and make the skin healthy; magical oil control effect, the skin keeps silky satin and not easy to shine. It can be applied directly on the skin or after applying makeup. It can be used in the local T area or the whole face.

Fu Lifang silk freeplus concealer (covering cream)

Fu Lifang silk freeplus concealer (covering cream)

Fu Lifang silk freeplus concealer (covering cream)

Specifications / price: 15g / 130 yuan

A total of 2 types, face: SPF15•PA++ eye area: SPF12•PA++, it can be applied well after application on the problem area, it is a concealer that is gentle on the skin. Protects the stratum corneum from the external environment such as UV rays and air conditioners. It is divided into two types according to the difference between the use site and the skin problem, and has a comfortable moisturizing feeling, a color tone, and a feeling of use, which can well cover the problem site. Strictly select high-quality, low-irritant ingredients, without adding any burden to soft skin. Acne and acne skin can also be used with peace of mind.

Revlon REVLON non-decoloring liquid foundation

Revlon REVLON non-decoloring liquid foundation

Revlon REVLON non-marking liquid foundation (mixed / oily skin)

Specifications / price: 30ml / 208 yuan

• Long-lasting makeup - long-lasting makeup, no makeup

• SoftFlexTM Smooth and Comfortable Formula - Light and translucent, the skin feels comfortable and unburdened

• Botanical extracts - gentle, soothing skin

• Refreshing oil-repellent formula - does not clog pores


• New pump packaging design, easy to control dosage, convenient and hygienic

Lancome LANCOME Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

Lancome LANCOME Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

Lancome LANCOME Moisturizing Liquid Foundation SPF15

Specifications / price: 30ml / 520 yuan

Contains Lancome's new smoothing system, soft-sensing light-control crystals, flexible filtering and even reflection, and translucent skin tone. The unique long-lasting condensing factor, which is deeply hydrated all day long, the skin is instantly filled with moisture, and it is bright and vibrant from the inside out. The velvety texture of the skin-friendly softening formula, close to the skin, instantly hide the pores, the skin is flawless and silky. The effect lasts for a long time. Gives your skin a comfortable, perfect finish and protects the skin from free radicals. The special component of the seamless comfort liquid foundation will form a "color soft film" containing the particles of the latex particles on the skin, which can withstand the touch or weather factor and is not easy to remove makeup.

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