Unique cup chandelier


You have seen tea cups and tea cups, but have you seen the cup chandeliers? People who like to drink tea will never let the cup empty unless the cup is buckled. This unique teacup lamp is an inverted teacup, a beautiful pila ring switch, reminiscent of a cup of tea. What a wonderful idea!



This is a good machine for making twisted paper ropes in roll, you can use the twisted ropes to wrap the gifts or for craft products, Paper Handle after knotted or tipped at the two ends or you can use it on the paper handle making to make different paper handles. It is running stably and fast and the rope diameters can be different and adjustable and customized according to customers` request. The rope can be made in different ways by using one paper roll, 2 rolls or more, which depends on the rope tightness, strongness, roundness and colors 

single head rope making machine

Single Head Paper Rope Making Machine

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