Pay attention to delivery details in advance when purchasing furniture

Renovation of the house, the purchase of furniture, although it is a trivial matter of labor and hard work, but the happiness of living in a new home is still beyond words. After many people's houses were renovated, the new furniture was too late to enter the market. "All things are ready, only owe the east wind", so that the master can not be happy at once. What should you pay attention to in the face of furniture delivery?

Focus on one

On-site construction disrupts the living environment

Customer experience: In order to avoid the messy furniture installation and messing up the home, Mr. Guan deliberately purchased a full set of furniture in the room within a brand, a total of 14 pieces. The factory sent two workers to install. "They are busy, but I am not idle!" Mr. Guan said that during the installation process, although most of the holes on the plates are ready-made, there are still some workers who need to be on site. Drilling, so a lot of wood chips were produced, and in order to make the position of the furniture neat, he had to clean the wood chips in time. The worker installed it all afternoon and he followed the busy one afternoon.

Industry statement: The appearance of on-site construction is related to the manufacturer's production process. Some small furniture manufacturers have insufficient production line precision, and there will be a large deviation in some processes, and they have to take on-site construction. With the increasing demand of consumers, some furniture companies will change the left and right direction of the products or change the internal structure of the furniture in order to meet the needs of consumers. In principle, in the face of this situation, enterprises should be equipped with two or more sets of templates, but many enterprises are not the same, often invariably changing, simply do not set the hole position in advance, but take the way of on-site drilling. This operation of the manufacturer, although it saves trouble, has invisibly caused a lot of inconvenience to consumers.

Consumption reminder: In order to avoid increasing the amount of on-site construction, try to choose the furniture of the shape and specification standard. You can also ask if the product will be on the spot when you purchase.

Concern two

Long delivery cycle

Customer experience: Mr. Chen ordered a set of furniture in the home store, and the salesperson told him to deliver the goods after 20 days. But at that time his house was completely renovated in a few days. I originally intended to have a taste of the furniture together, but I didn’t expect the furniture to be delivered for so long. Invisibly delaying the stay, Mr. Chen will continue to rent a house outside.

Industry statement: The reporter visited many well-known furniture brands in the home store. When asked when the delivery is the fastest, the sales staff generally said that it would be as long as 20 days, and more than one month to deliver. Asked the reason, the foreign furniture brand often said that the product transportation to Xi'an requires a certain period of time, while the manufacturers of Benedictine said that the product inventory is insufficient.

Why can't furniture be delivered immediately after ordering like a home appliance? Compared with the standardization of the home appliance industry, furniture is more personalized, and its types and sizes are more abundant. Many companies can even reach hundreds of furniture models. Therefore, it is difficult to carry out the distribution of products by the store like the home appliance industry. The market's demand for furniture is also personalized, so manufacturers will minimize the inventory of each product.

Consumer Reminder: If you are eager to stay, ask the salesperson for delivery time before selecting the style to improve the purchase efficiency. At the same time, you can purchase in the store with zero delivery delay, because these stores have corresponding penalties for delays in delivery.

Concerned about three

Less than a thousand dollars is not delivered

Customer experience: Miss Wang saw a table at a furniture store, but the salesperson told her that she could not deliver the goods. “She suggested that I choose another product, so I can reach the free shipping standard, but I only looked at this table.” Miss Wang said that the sales staff said that the company stipulated that the purchased products were less than 1,000 yuan. . Ms. Wang said that in fact, it is not unreasonable to mention it, but I am worried that if it is not the factory delivery, if the product finds a problem after arriving at home, it is difficult to distinguish the responsibility, so it is easy to cause disputes. After Miss Wang repeatedly insisted and agreed to pay 50 yuan shipping fee, the buyer and the seller finally reached a delivery agreement, but the salesperson said that the delivery time could not be guaranteed, and only the "shundao" was sent to Miss Wang.

Industry saying: The same is the consumer, why can't you enjoy free shipping when the purchase amount is less than 1,000 yuan? "In the process of transportation, the furniture is transported to the home of a certain consumer. One piece is shipped and the other is shipped. The transportation cost is the same. This counts, of course, the more the consumer buys. More, the lower the transportation cost of the manufacturer or dealer for each product.” A furniture dealer gave the reporter an account.

In addition, furniture generally needs to be assembled on site. If a consumer purchases multiple products, the delivery truck of the manufacturer or dealer will usually deliver the worker to the consumer's home, and then send the next one. But if it is a product, the delivery car is usually in the same place as the workers. Although this does not take long, but if such a small sales list is a lot, it invisibly takes up the capacity that is already very scarce.

Consumer Reminder: It is best to plan in advance before purchasing furniture, and try to avoid decentralized purchase. At the same time, the concessions for centralized purchases tend to be larger, as most furniture companies offer more favorable discounts to customers with large purchases.

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