Simple 4-step make-up lets you turn into a big star

Do you want to be a big star? Do you want to be as dazzling as a big star? In fact, you only need to learn the simple 4 makeup steps, you can draw your own big star makeup, with a beautiful black eyeliner with a berry-like lip color, sweetness is a little bit overflowing, passing by, not to be missed, Come and learn soon.

Sarah Gadon
Imitation star: Sarah Gadon

The sweet lip color of the berry, exudes a crystal clear light, the long curled eyelashes are full of charm, the whole makeup is noble and sweet.
Create keywords:
Black eyeliner, berry color lip Step1: First of all, with high light smudge can present noble temperament, high gloss powder smear inside the eye socket and the C-shaped area of ​​the eye. The black eyeliner focuses on the end of the eye, while the white eyeliner brightens the lower eyelid.
Step2: Sweep a small amount of light pink blush on the apple muscles, let the highlights and the eyes smudge together, can naturally emphasize the cheeks in the triangle, mix blush and highlights, and make the colors blend.
Step3: Yingliang or matt is not enough to interpret the noble sweetness, and the rich and berry color is the correct solution. Apply a moisturizing nude lipstick to cover the lip lines, then use lip gloss at the center of the lips to make your lips fuller.
Create this makeup must-have item:
Color zone non-marking liquid eyeliner
Makeup artist's advice Yes or No
NO: Because the focus is on the lips, the eye makeup and the rouge should be light at the same time, so it will not be exaggerated. Remember not to let the eye makeup grab the lip.
YES: Use your eyeliner to outline your eyes. It will make your eyes deeper and more sexy. Thick eyelashes are essential. Apply a few layers of mascara to make your eyes bigger.
YES: Use a lip balm or a colorless lip balm to form an invisible protective film on the lips to prevent the lipstick from spilling out. Take some powder on your lips, apply lipstick, and then pry open. This can effectively prevent the lipstick from getting off the makeup.
NO: When creating a sweet berry lip, first choose a skin color or a colorless lip liner to draw a circle around the lips to outline the lip shape, and then apply a lip gloss thickly to moisturize the jelly effect.
Uncover the mystery of the lips:
In the fashion trend of autumn and winter this year, lip makeup is one of the mainstream focuses. The sweet and fragrant berry color is the most common lip color on fashion parties.

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