Teach you to create a honeymoon makeup

Honeymoon travel is the most desirable for women, so we must pay great attention to it. Everything is perfect, and we don’t want to travel. Only in addition to the most IN travel, there must be the most makeup. High echoes. Here's how to create a honeymoon makeup .
Point1: Thermal orange lips

Honeymoon makeup

Honeymoon Scene: Enjoy the sun on the beach Like a ripe citrus, overflowing with sweet honey, what color is more suitable for the beach than orange?
The orange bikini sets off your healthy complexion, and the orange lipstick can make you more eye-catching than the sun.
Pure color and sleek texture are the key, choose a saturated orange lipstick and apply a lip contour.
If the lip line is not clear, then use the same color lip liner to strengthen the lip shape and then fill the lipstick.
Even more eccentric brides may hit the color and hit the lips, try the contrast of the two colors of pink and orange.
Point2: Sweet coral cheeks

Honeymoon makeup

Honeymoon Scene: Arriving at the destination I can't wait to start the passionate honeymoon, and the makeup is free to fly with the mood. Can eye makeup and lip makeup stand out?
of course not! It’s time to break the rules, and the unwilling eye makeup reminds us that it is igniting this sweet time with a touch of bright yellow.
The fashionable coral blush is close behind, no matter what skin color.
You need the highest-adhesive blush cream that blends in with your skin and you don't have to worry about makeup when you travel.
Point3: To the lake green eyes

Honeymoon makeup

Honeymoon Scene: Honeymoon Nightlife Honeymoon Night, in addition to a romantic candlelight dinner, and a night party, all you have to do now is to relax.
Green eyeshadows are covered with eyelids, and a wrinkle at the end of the eye adds a touch of blues.
At the end of the eye, a glossy white eye shadow is added to make the eyes look more solid.
Under the agitation of psychedelic night and neon, the makeup on the eye makeup is so beautiful!
It is recommended that you bring the brightest dress at the bottom of the box to squander the rare HIGH time in the honeymoon.

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