Cosmeceutical products carried by beauty travellers during the tourist season

At the moment, it is the sunny tourist season . Many netizens must have their own travel plans. We all know that going to different places, the beauty products we carry are naturally different. But to travel with a drug store, it has become the beauty of people's preferences. Today, Xiaobian will teach you to travel to different countries and cities, suitable for carrying different cosmeceutical products .

Presumably netizens must have a lot of loyal users of cosmeceuticals , positioning medical beauty products between beauty products and medicines. It used to be a patent for long-term visits to dermatologists. Today, many people seem to More and more dependent on cosmeceuticals, its relatively clear role and simple ingredients, make the skin in a confused period more secure. Therefore, when we are faced with environmental changes - travel, seasonal changes - seasonal changes; changes in physical conditions - physiological period, pregnancy, will naturally turn their attention to cosmeceuticals.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

South latitude 22 ° 27 ', west longitude 42 ° 43 '

Essential cosmeceuticals:

La Roche-Posay Special Care Refreshing Body Lotion SPF30+PA+++

Reference price: 278 yuan / 125ml

Like the plot in Ugly Betty, the fashion director went to Brazil to take a large swimsuit and shape it. This is the carnival of the celestial body bath and plastic surgery center. La Roche-Posay Special Cleansing Body Lotion is suitable for normal, oily and mixed skin. It not only has high sun protection, high oxygen permeability, but also allows the skin to breathe freely. It is more suitable for high safety. Photosensitive dermatitis, skin that is poorly tolerant to sunlight; those with high demand for sunscreen are needed to prevent dark spots and pigmentation; even for laser and fruit acid postoperative sun care.

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La Roche-Posay The hot spring water is rich in trace metals, low temperature (ie no more than 13 ° C) and low in mineral content. The most mineral element is calcium hydrogen carbonate. The most special feature is rich in selenium (53 micrograms per liter) and silica, making it suitable for dermatologists and researching and developing professional dermatology on the basis of hot spring water to help solve skin problems. Medical adjuvant treatment care products.

Benefits include:

Reduce product damage - Reduce the likelihood of product being squeezed during shipping and storage.

Increased load stability - Maximum binding tension can be used without breaking the product.

Improved shipping and handling - allows more products to be placed on pallets, reducing processing costs and increasing warehouse and shipping space.

Increase profitability - Reducing product damage means reducing customer rejection of the product.

  Can be used with nails, staples and screws.

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