Bathing angel grass magical moisturizing function

Angel Grass , like its beautiful name, has a magical moisturizing function. It can replenish the dry skin with a constant stream of moisture, like the dry earth, moisturizing our dry skin. Are you ready to bathe in the magical charm of Angel Grass this summer?

Bathing angel grass magical moisturizing function

The amazing growth of Angel Grass comes from its excellent self-hydration. After the discovery of L'Occitan Loccitane, it cooperated with the manufacturer of organic angel grass in the South Fadron area, using the essential oils and extracts extracted from the roots of Angel Grass. The patented new face care series has been proven to effectively exert deep hydration and protect against free radicals, leaving skin long-lasting and moisturized, maintaining youthful vitality!

Bathing angel grass magical moisturizing function

L'OCCITANE's new Angel Grass Hydration series uses the innovative research and development of Angel's exclusive formula - Angel Grass Hydrating Elastic Compound Factor with the planting formula, which can keep the water moisturized, fresh and soft, and continue to use, so that the skin can show the Q-water feeling of the dream angel muscle. .

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