Roller transport and storage

Printing plate

1, outlets: outlets constitute the smallest unit of printing patterns. Gravure Dots Due to different plate making methods, the dots reflected on the roller are also different: As the dot changes, the size and depth of the dots are also changed along with the change of the net engraving dots; , only changes in the size of the outlets; changes in the laser network outlets are generally reflected in the depth of the outlets.

2. Color: The color of the object comes from light. Most of the objects in nature are not luminous, such as prints, flowers and trees. Their color is derived from the reflection or transmission of the color light of the solar spectrum. The three primary colors of light in nature are red, green and blue. These three different shades of light can be combined to form numerous shades of light; the three primary colors of pigments are cyan, magenta and yellow. Theoretically, the three-color pigments can be mixed in different proportions. Get all the colors in nature.

3, hard scraping and soft scraping: different installation methods of scraper in gravure printing produce different effects in printing. Hard scraping refers to the fact that the scraper blade is short from the support blade, and the effect is large. The easy-to-wear version of the roller will play a role in solving the problem that the layout is not clean. Soft scratching refers to the longer distance from the blade to the support blade. The effect is that the color tone is gentle and the fog is easy to occur. For the transfer of the shallow part of the version will be a certain help.

Roller transport and storage:

Protective measures should be taken in the transportation of the printing roller, such as coating a thick layer of corrugated paper on the surface of the roller, and avoid collisions and bumps during transportation.

The printing roller must be cleaned first after printing. The residual ink in the printing roller will cause chrome and jamming. Then apply a layer of anti-rust oil evenly on the roller, and wrap it in a soft and dry paper (it can also be used as a waste sample after printing) in a cool, dry place.

Particular attention should be paid to keeping the place away from acidic substances.

Gravure Roll Care Guide

The chromium layer on the surface of the gravure roll is quickly corroded when it encounters corrosive liquids, gases, or unqualified solvents such as acids, alkalis, and the like. Small dots are formed on the plate surface and are transferred on the printing film. . This phenomenon is more likely to occur in a humid environment because the moisture in the air can easily absorb acidic or alkaline gases, and the air is in contact with the surface of the printing roller at all times. When the chromium layer has just been eroded, if the chromium replating is not removed as soon as possible, it is likely that the copper layer will not be etched for a long time, so that the plate roller will be scrapped and cause unnecessary losses.

In order to effectively avoid the above phenomenon, our company through a variety of research, is now providing a method to save the version of the roller, for reference in use:

1. After a print is completed, the roller is cleaned with a solvent;

2. Wipe the plate with a clean, soft cloth, leaving no fingerprints (because sweat contains corrosive components);

3. Use a soft cloth to pump clean, low-volatile light oil. Apply a uniform layer to the surface of the platen roller. Be careful not to use waste machine oil.

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