The soy product family has its own nutritional advantages

Tofu, tofu, and bean curd are all members of the soy product family . In addition to providing high-quality protein , they also have their own nutritional advantages .
Soybean bubble The most unhealthy bean bubble is also called oil tofu. It is a fried food of tofu. It is rich in fat, vitamin E, high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acid and phospholipid. The content of iron and calcium is also high.
Soybeans are not easy to digest compared to other soy products, and people with weaker gastrointestinal functions are careful to eat.
Tofu is easy to digest. Tofu is the most commonly eaten in the family of soy products. Its rich protein is a complete protein, easy to digest and absorb, suitable for all ages.
Regular tofu has the effect of lowering blood fat and preventing cardiovascular disease.
The iron, zinc and vitamin B1 of the bean skin supplemented with iron and zinc are the highest in all soy products, and the calorie and protein content are also one of the best.
Children's consumption can promote the development of the body and intelligence; the elderly can prolong life. Maternal consumption can quickly restore good health and increase milk.
Tofu brain is "fitness tofu"
Tofu brain, also known as bean curd, is made by solidifying and solidifying soy milk. It has high calcium content and is also called "fitness tofu".
It is of a peaceful nature and has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening dryness and clearing away lungs and removing phlegm. Tofu brain also contains minerals and vitamins.

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