Taiwan: Plasticizer caps lead to storm

Moderator: Welcome back and continue to watch the news. After the turmoil of plasticizers in Taiwan, the people have changed to drink fresh fruit juice. However, in Taipei, a freshly labeled fruit juice shop has recently been advertised. Customers have bought containers of fruit juice that has not been loaded with fruit juice. Due to the misuse of the unqualified cup cover, the lime juice was broken in the 20 minutes to reveal four large holes. Take a look together.

Moderator: Welcome back, this cup lid has now become a food safety issue.

Ai Yuejin: Yes, I think of the disposable lunch boxes used by many restaurants in our mainland. Many of them are not environmentally friendly. When they are heated, the contents of them are melted. Therefore, food safety is a big problem, whether it is in the Mainland or in Taiwan. So you see that the capitalists are dark and the capitalists in the world are as black as the violence, which controls the health and safety of your people? All regardless. In terms of Taiwan’s affairs, our mainland must give an analogy.

Moderator: Cap containing more polystyrene may cause cancer?

Ai Yuejin: Yes, this chemical thing is particularly prone to cancer.

Moderator: If there is no such problem above, our customers may not understand this situation yet.

Ai Yuejin: Only if there is a problem, a hole in a cup, even orange juice, such things can be integrated, melting process is the process of that thing dissolved in things.

Moderator: How to do after drinking juice? Do you prepare your cup?

Ai Yuejin: That is the safest white water.

Moderator: Is it a beverage issue? This is a personal store. Is this juice homemade? Is there any loophole in the supervision?

Ai Yuejin: It should be said that if you look at the relevant government departments in the area, the local government in Taiwan will write environmental protection recycling for this health container, including covers and cups, and this cover will not. Whoever ordered the recall must be the local government department. So soon after this measure was taken, I was most concerned that it will happen on the mainland. If mainland China produces Coke, Taiwan thinks that it is not up to standard, indicating that Taiwan’s standard is higher than that of ours. Then we must learn from others. To raise the standards is higher for the manufacturers, but the level of safety for the consumers is also increased.

Moderator: Mr. Ai, for example, said that there is no problem with this bottle cap. Can it be tested by corruption on the juice he is playing?

Ai Yuejin: This is an inspection method. We are currently playing fruit juice in the mainland, but it is not particularly popular.

Moderator: We are particularly worried, as Mr. Ai said, whether there will be this problem in our mainland juice.

Ai Yuejin: It's not fruit juice. It's a problem with containers.

Moderator: As far as I am concerned, it is different from Taiwan’s standards on our side. It is normal for us to melt here.

Ai Yuejin: Such an island on Taiwan Island is not normal. Is our life better than that of Taiwan Islanders? The same is true for the Chinese people. Our standards are high. We must keep up with high standards in food safety. We must align ourselves with low standards in price increases. We must not say that we should seek international adjustment if we increase prices.

Netizen: The Chinese people are afraid of what they eat every day. The body is not good.

Netizen: Even more powerful than plasticizers, if people drink it, they will not burn all the internal organs.

Moderator: Our users are particularly helpless.

Ai Yuejin: Taunting, helplessness of the reality leads to the current mockery, and we expect the reality to become a little better. Don't let our people, our consumers, our netizens feel helpless.

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