Strongly recommend cosmetics brand new Clinique long magic mascara

Want to have an amazing long-lasting, long curling beauty? You only need to have a Clinique Clinique long magic mascara ! Its stunning new formula gives the eyelashes a lasting magical effect for up to 12 hours, even in hot, humid weather. When removing makeup, there is no need to pull the eyelashes. Clinique Clinique's long magic mascara can be washed with warm water! With Clinique's long magic mascara, your eyes will be brighter, more beautiful and more beautiful than ever before.

New Clinique Slim Magic Mascara

New Clinique Slim Magic Mascara

Formula: Clinique Clinique's long magic mascara is created for Asian women who are admirable and long-awaited. The ductile bentonite component (Bentonite) smoothes the lashes, while the special silica beads and elastic polymer make the lashes naturally curl. The eyelashes therefore look longer, more curled, and more vivid. The three unique formulas are long-lasting and bright, leaving the eyes bright and seductive. The unique formula also uses advanced thermal technology to gently dissolve the mascara with warm water (39 degrees Celsius / 103 degrees Fahrenheit) to dissolve the mascara and remove it completely. Having perfect eyelashes has never been easier!

Use: Innovative brush head design makes it easier to use Clinique Clinique's long magic mascara. The small, convenient brush head provides easy access to every slim eyelash. The "rugby"-shaped brush head has a small bump that can be easily brushed to the lower eyelashes and corners of the eye, while the wider central portion lifts the eyelashes slightly, making the curling effect more noticeable. The unique vertical corrugated eyelash comb combs the eyelashes, removes excess agglomerated material, and achieves a bright and natural look quickly and easily.

Advantages: Clinique's long magic mascara can make the eyelashes long and curl, while eliminating the problem of shedding and agglomeration. Its anti-water and anti-sweat formula has a strong and lasting effect, keeping the vivid and beautiful eyelashes all day long without smudging. Not only easy to use, but also easier to remove, warm water (39 degrees Celsius / 103 degrees Fahrenheit) can remove Clinique Clinique long magic mascara. Simply apply the cotton pad to warm water, gently spread the cream on the eyelashes, and then wash your face normally. Like all Clinique makeup products, Clinique's long magic mascara is 100% fragrance-free, tested by an ophthalmologist and suitable for contact lens wearers. There are three colors to choose from: agate black, amber brown, and gold indigo. Suggested retail price: 250 yuan / 6g

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Patio Umbrella contain:

side post square or round patio umbrella

central pole round or square patio umbrella

Single layer or double roof patio umbrella

Aluminum hanging umbrella 

Patio Umbrella       Patio Umbrella

Patio Umbrella       Patio Umbrella

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Patio Umbrella

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