Common printing quality problems of different types of label printers

Flattening - Batch Feed Type Label Printing Machine

There are many kinds of flat-pressing (oblique and flat) label machines, mainly from Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, and the rest are domestically-made similar devices. The advantages of this model are: fast speed, high efficiency, suitable for small label production, especially suitable for VIP label production. Suitable for general dot, line and text printing. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for large-area solid printing, and ink unevenness will occur when printing in the field.

Round Flattening - Batch Feed Type Label Printing Machine

The round flat labeling machine is represented by the F-100 company's B-100 series labeling machine. The localized equipment is the LYBQ4230 labeling machine produced by Taihang Printing Factory. There are also a small number of similar equipment in Taiwan and Korea. The advantages of this model are: the wide range of print test prints, which can be printed on the screen, can also be printed line text, suitable for large-scale field printing. The disadvantage is that the speed is slow, and the overprinting accuracy is low due to the transmission, so it is not suitable for high-grade label printing.

Round Press - Continuous Feed Roll Label Printer

Advanced labeling equipment is represented by Japan's Ko-pack, Sanky, and Taiwan's Labelman. The advantage of this model is that it is suitable for various types of label printing, especially for high-grade label printing. Disadvantages are; different specifications of the label to replace the plate cylinder and die cutting roller, resulting in large customer investment, print adjustment, preparation time is long.

Half-round round-round-feed type label printing machine

This type of printer is represented by LPtec 300 of Japan Lintec Co., Ltd., and manufacturers of the same type of equipment are Japan Salt Co., Ltd., and Wanjin Co., Ltd. of Taiwan. The advantage of this type of equipment is that labels in a certain size range can be printed on the same drum without having to replace the drum. The disadvantage is that the machine itself does not have a web correcting system and random tension control, so the printing positioning accuracy depends entirely on the cutting accuracy of the printed material. The following table shows frequently occurring problems, causes, and solutions.

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7 5qt Ice Bucket

Boat Shape Ice Buckets

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7.5Qt Ice Bucket

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