Perfect 8-step makeup makes you sweet "summer"

The May Day is quiet, which means that summer is getting closer and closer to us. A sweet and refreshing summer makeup is indeed one of the necessary preparations for every MM. When it comes to summer makeup, you must first be light and thin to create sweetness. Cute ageing make-up is a good choice. Xiaobian teaches you how to create a simple youth makeup secret from the beginning to the end of 8 steps.
Slim and gentle, 8 steps "makeup" for youthful age reduction
Quiet but full of infinite vitality of pink, such as the roses that are waiting to be released, exudes a moving charm, it is best to use it to show the unique sweetness and beauty of 20+ girls! However, the eyes of the Orientals are more swollen than those of the Westerners, lacking a sense of three-dimensionality. Pink eyeshadows easily give the impression of “just crying”. Therefore, deep eyeliner and mascara that can highlight the three-dimensionality of the eye are naturally essential. La
Daren secret:
The secret of youth is the shiny skin and the matte finish! I want these two points to be perfect and lasting on your face, and the moisturizing work before makeup must be in place. Apply makeup to the model with a lotion mask before makeup.
The method is: fully infiltrate 4~5 pieces of cotton pad with moisturizing lotion, then tear a piece of cotton pad into 2-3 pieces and apply it to the cheeks, forehead, nose bridge, etc. for 5~10 minutes. Fully moisturized skin will make makeup more durable and compliant.