The use of cross-section squeegee and ordinary tip squeegee

The cross-section type squeegee 1 and the cross-section squeegee have a service life that is seven times that of the ordinary squeegee.
2. Since the contact area between the cross-section squeegee and the plate cylinder is always kept constant, it is also possible to ensure that the squeegee pressure is constant and consistent.
3. Even if the squeegee wears out, it will not have any effect on the printing tone.
4. The pressure of the squeegee can be kept at a minimum, therefore, the wear of the squeegee is reduced, and the service life of the platen is extended.

Ordinary pointed squeegee 1. Replacement squeegee blade will inevitably increase the downtime of the equipment. Moreover, after the blade is replaced, it will be restarted and printed. This will also result in waste of materials, every time.
2. Re-adjusting the tone value also takes a certain amount of time.
3. When replacing a job, you also need to replace the doctor blade.
4. Whether it is an old squeegee blade or a new blade, it must be re-polished before it is put on the machine.

The structure can be arbitrarily selected, beautiful and durable, a variety of advantages of quality and price benefits, has become an important form of enterprise publicity gifts.



As a new modern gift Umbrella advertising media and advertising gifts, fluidity big, bright color and good visual effect, the pattern design is not restricted, the structure can be arbitrarily selected, beautiful and durable, a variety of advantages of quality and price benefits, become a kind of important form of corporate advertising. Therefore, customized for the gift umbrella business gifts the best choice.


Benefits of Gift umbrella:

1.Good advertising effect: where`s an umbrella,there`s advertising, advertising spread, not to attract attention, and not only to use the umbrella in rainy days, sunny day will also use the umbrella, all-weather advertising benefits.

2. The investment cost is low: the umbrella itself into the is a beautiful gift umbrella only 20-30 yuan, the enterprise or the customer can lastmore than one year;

3. Strong practicability: shelter, sunscreen, regardless of the city or the farm, adults and children to use the umbrella, is the essentials of hometravel.

4. Long time effect for the advertising: gift umbrella long service life! Unless bad or scrap, advertising gift umbrella to failure.

5. Appearance: umbrella cloth, bright colors, exquisite design, even is a cute artwork. Choice of advertising gift umbrella, a choice of advertising means because of high quality and inexpensive. This has become a major enterprise customer festival gifts, corporate conference gifts, the company opened gifts, advertising promotion of the best choice.

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