Skin care is different for men and women, how should men choose skin care products?

The biggest difference between men's skin and girl's skin is that men's facial hair follicles, sebaceous glands are developed and have beards. Because sebum secretion is strong, 80% of men's skin is oily, and pores are easily blocked by oil to form acne or acne, which makes oil control the first mission of men's skin care. In addition, too much sebum in the scalp can cause an increase in dandruff, affecting the health of the hair and even hair loss. Therefore, men's skin care products are mainly formulated for problematic skin such as oily and acne. Unlike men's skin care products for the purpose of “whitening”, men are more focused on health and vitality, describing a man's skin as smooth and delicate. It is said that he does not have the style of a man, but if it is used on a girl, it is full of pity, and there is a substantial difference between men and women in clarifying the positioning of men and women in skin care, so that men should not use girl skin care products. Men with good skin care products do what?

Difference 1: To "high-definition new", not "super nutrient"

The difference in skin quality makes men's skin care products not as big as girls. Just like the men of the past, the best way to nurse the skin is to keep the skin clean. This sentence also has some principles. How can it be cleaned and cleaned?

Because the difference between male and female hormones fashion girls, men's sweat glands and sebaceous glands are more prosperous, plus the pH of men's skin is acidic, the skin is easy to greasy, sweat is also more, so clean is the first point of men's skin care, only, This kind of cleansing must not be reached by frequent washing of the face. On the contrary, the more times you wash your face, the easier it is to lose moisture, and the skin will excrete more oil. The effect is “washing more oil”, water and oil. The result of the imbalance is that the pores are clogged and prone to acne or acne.

In view of the characteristics of oily, sweaty and acne-prone, the focus of men's cleansing has become a "high-definition new" that is useful for cleansing and repairing skin. It is different from the skin cleansing of a girl who seeks to whiten nutrients, so that if a man uses his girlfriend, Wife's cleansing products often increase the oiliness of the skin due to excess nutrients, and are more prone to acne.

Difference 2: Shaving care nurse, male monopoly

As a man's mark, the mane is also the focus of men's skin care, and is the skincare pace of men who can't replace any girl's skin care products.

Shaving care nurses are divided into pre-shave and after shaving. The shaving lotion used before shaving can make the razor blade closer to the skin, collect and eliminate the skin irritation, but the blade shaving is still electric shaving. The history of shaving is more or less irritating to the skin. After shaving, there are some small wounds in the city that are invisible to the naked eye. It is the exclusive part of men's skin care after shaving. The products have the same effect as the girl's makeup water. The aftershave can relieve the skin, condense the pores, sterilize and anti-inflammatory, and prevent the infection and moisturizing effect.

Difference 3: Be simple, don't be too poor

If a man is sitting in front of the mirror every day, he will tirelessly apply seven or eight layers of skin care products in order, for fear that he has already held his head. Therefore, men's skin care products should be simple and fast, and men's skin care is most afraid of the burden on the face, tired of the feeling of the face being "paste" by the skin care products, which is different from the girl's preference for using oily and nutrient-rich skin care products. Therefore, the “zero-pack” product that is not felt on the face is the main measure for judging the harm of men's skin care products. It is a new cleansing product, aftershave, firming water, and non-greasy, agile and moisturizing, moisturizing and moisturizing. Cream is the first choice for men when using skin care products.

Skin care usage, men's special skin care products also try to fit the nature of men's skin, trying to be simple and fast, 5 to 8 minutes a day to complete, as for eye cream, mask, lipstick, etc., you can go to some professional beauty salons to do professional Nursing, you can also do your own treatment at regular intervals, without having to work every day.

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