Big brand eye cream and parity cream staged a big confrontation

The skin around the eyes is very fragile, and MM must pay attention to the maintenance of the eyes. But seeing the big-name eye creams that are skyrocketing always hinders your progress, what should you do? Is it discouraged, or is it replaced by evaluation products?

Big name: Sk-II upgraded eye multi-effect nourishing essence

Sk-II Upgrade Eye Multi-Action Nourishing Serum

Price: ¥620/15g

Product Description: Contains a variety of complex mineral extracts, promotes cell energy circulation, synthesizes the physiological substances required for cell activities, activates cells and promotes cell metabolism. Contains a variety of moisturizing complexes to replenish moisture, provide skin with the ability to store water, store water and lock water. It also repairs damaged skin and provides a barrier to water retention.

Use experience: moisturizing effect is very good, especially after finishing the makeup, and then gently coating a layer, there is no feeling of dryness, wrinkles naturally not easy to grow. After each gentle massage, the eyes are just like a shower, the water is very comfortable, and it has the effect of relieving eye fatigue. The fly in the ointment is that although the hydration function is very good, the effect on the dark circles is not obvious, and people who are dissatisfied with minerals are not available.

Cheap: L'Oreal LOREAL Eye Care Cream

L'Oreal LOREAL Eye Care Cream

Price: ¥102/15ml

Recommended reason: It is L'Oreal's own brand, safe and secure, and the moisturizing effect is very good. This is similar to SK-II. The product has a patented formula lipid vesicle that has three effects of preventing dark circles, eliminating eye bags and reducing wrinkles. There are very few products that do a good job at the same time. L'Oreal can meet three needs, especially for dark circles. Although the product is cream, it is not greasy at all. Don't worry about the appearance of fat granules, the skin around the eyes can be very firm. Needless to say, the hydrating function of L'Oreal is getting better and better in these years.

Use experience: L'Oreal's cosmetics products have always been good, before the skin is darker, white is also because of the use of L'Oreal's set of products, this product is also good, smeared around the eye circles, very cool, with a long time to find a lot of beautiful eyes .

Charisma: moisturizing, dark circles

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