Netizens Summarize Outdoor Knowledge Season Three: How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are one of the indispensable equipments for outdoor sleep. There are a wide variety of products on the market and the price is very different. The secrets are often puzzling. Now let's discuss what kind of sleeping bag you need in terms of appearance, materials and craftsmanship:

1, appearance

The shape of the sleeping bag mentioned here includes the shape and personality design of the sleeping bag. Because the shape of the sleeping bag is not complicated, there are almost two kinds. One is Mummy style, the other is envelope type. The name Mummy is transliterated in English "MUMMY". It is actually a mummy. So many professional sleeping bags are called mummy. Of course, there are still some circles between the two, and it is actually a Mummy-style variation.

Envelope sleeping bags are almost exclusively used in fleecy sleeping bags or simple style sleeping bags. The general size is 225*80CM. It is suitable for high seasons such as summer or early autumn. Because the shape of its shoulders and bottom can not effectively prevent the loss of body heat. But it also has a great advantage is the freedom of movement space, suitable for sleeping less secure friends.

Mommy-style sleeping bag is almost a symbol of a professional sleeping bag. This is a design that combines weight, volume, and better insulation. There is usually an elasticated head pocket above the shoulder to prevent heat loss from the head. Some excellent brands have also designed a three-dimensional thicker shape at the feet to make the feet more warm and comfortable.

In appearance, the difference between brands is not great, so the design of individuality is their own performance. Colorblocking and printing are currently popular designs.

Here, the choice of shape is relatively simple. If you just go camping in summer or autumn, or you don't plan on carrying it on long distances, you can choose envelope-style sleeping bags. If you plan to go to a cold place, I suggest that you must choose a mummy.

2. Material

Material is the main reason for determining the price of sleeping bags. The fabric determines the durability and comfort of the sleeping bag, while the filler determines the insulation properties of the sleeping bag.

Leisure lovers and self-drivers often pay more attention to comfort. It is hoped that outdoor sleep can be as warm and comfortable as at home, but it does not require much weight and volume. Therefore, most of the casual sleeping bags use outer polyester cotton fabrics, and the advanced brands even use softer and warmer materials such as flannel.

Professional outdoor sports require more weight and volume. In particular, the trend toward lightweight equipment has profoundly affected the design of multiple brands. The 310T and 340T high-density lattice fabrics previously used in high-grade down sleeping bags have appeared on some high-grade cotton sleeping bags. The excellent fabric with a reasonable PU coating can well block moisture and prevent tearing. The weight and fastness are effectively guaranteed. Fine 310T Chun Ya spinning lining, in terms of feel, comfort are unmatched.

3, filler

Fillers are generally divided into two types, one is fiber, which is what we call the cotton sleeping bag. The other is down.

There are many types of fiber cotton, ranging from stretch cotton to 3-, 4-, and even 7-hole cotton, as well as 3D cotton (Pondguard 3D manufactured by INVISTA) and Primaloft One. In terms of thermal insulation performance, 7 holes are better than 4 holes and 4 holes are better than 3 holes. The principle is very simple, that is, the more isolated air that can be encased, the less the exchange of heat and the better the insulation performance.

Later, DuPont and other companies based on the insulation performance, according to different requirements invented a machine wash more resistant to compression 3D cotton, Primaloft One is not easy to absorb water, as well as under the damp can also maintain a good thermal performance of Thermolite Quauo. But no matter how much they advertise better than down, they are not as good as down.

There are many types of down feathers, and the weight difference is also great. As long as you do not use duck hair to flicker, you generally have guaranteed insulation performance. There are two main criteria for determining the thermal insulation of down. One is the amount of cashmere, also 80% or 85% of the label on the sleeping bag, which means that the content of down cashmere is 80% or 85%. Another is the bulkiness, which refers to the volume of a certain amount of down in the constant pressure. It is the main factor that determines the thermal performance. Therefore, it is an important indicator of down quality.

Because the down stuffed in the sleeping bag, and ordinary people can not detect, so there are some untrustworthy cottage brand (even some regular brands) on this top brains to make a fuss. Some 85% or even 90% of the feathers with only 75%-80% cashmere are marked, and the canopy looseness of only 500 or less is marked as 600, 700 or even 800, in order to gain the consumers' favor. More than 90/10,800 fluffy down feathers, I am afraid that only the Antarctic bird that only has, just do not know whether they have level taken down. So for these indicators, I think we do not have to pursue it. Choosing some brands with excellent brands, and 85/15,650 fluffy down is the main indicator at present. What really can achieve this goal is a sleeping bag with good performance, which can basically adapt to most environments. The insulation knows new requirements.

Down is an important indicator, but it is far less important than the amount of stuffing. This is a good understanding, of course, is also a lot of unscrupulous businesses to vote for you. The number on the label tends to be 20% or more. It is to make you feel cheap.
There are also some that you should know. Goose down is better than duck down, not geese are more expensive than ducks, but goose down is generally higher in cashmere than duck down and better in warmth. White is better than gray. Due to the reason of degreasing, Nanrong usually has no odor, and Beirong tends to have some indecent odors and so on. There is also another, after the damp down in the damp, the insulation performance will be greatly reduced. If it is wet, it will completely lose its insulation properties. In this regard, it is not as good as a cotton sleeping bag.

4, process

At present, the production process of sleeping bags is almost the same (I refer to the formal brands), and some of the brand's "exclusive patented processes" can only show that it has had a glorious past. With the advancement of technology, these processes have been mastered by most factories and are no different.

Cotton sleeping bag, double layer generally adopts double parallel staggered process. The biggest advantage of this structure is that it does not allow heat to dissipate from the seams of the fixed cotton, and it also ensures that after the use of cleaning, the cotton is evenly distributed and does not break, ensuring good Warmth performance.

Down sleeping bags basically use trapezoidal vertical lining and invisible car line process. The biggest advantage of this work is that the separate chamber isolates the down and prevents the piles of piles from coming together, resulting in heat loss in other areas. Stealth car lines can prevent the sewing needle eye from causing down feathers, water infiltration and other shortcomings.

But there are still many different details between different brands. These differences also play an important role in ensuring product quality. For example, the coating of fabrics, it is well known that down sleeping bags have good insulation properties, but once dampened by moisture, the thermal insulation performance of down feathers will decrease rapidly. To ensure down performance, a good coating is essential.

After reading the above brief description of the shape, material and craft of the sleeping bag, I believe that you have basically understood the sleeping bag.

Now, what you have to decide is to think about what kind of environment you want to buy and when you need to use a sleeping bag.

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