Classical beauty Zhang Jingchu's skin care experience

Zhang Jingchu, who has made a name for himself because of "Peacock", has been moving smoothly in recent years. Not only has he crossed the rivers and lakes in Hollywood, but he has also been selected by the heroine of the mainland in the United States. Zhang Jingchu’s 2009 is like a peacock, and it’s quiet. Actually, there are 7 movies or screenings or photographs that are attached to their proud performances and beautiful appearances. Zhang Jingchu seems to be able to perform all the roles of women. In 2005, Zhang Jingchu selected the most beautiful 50 people in the "Beijing News". The testimony at the time was " She won't be a fleeting star, she will be obsessed with stubborn vitality..." Five years has passed, she has done this.

All along, I feel that Zhang Jingchu has a kind of classical beauty, weak and tenacious, and there is no singularity. It is calm and calm to see her coming out from now to the present, more and more beautiful, more and more mature, this is indeed true and not snobbery. The mentality of her relationship with her everyday ordinary is how to soothe expression and skin care?

Skin care method:

"Applying mask + listening to music" is a kind of soothing emotion that Zhang Jingchu has promised. She said: "Let your own nephews don't want to, quietly squat in bed, skin full of nutrition, music accompanied, heart-filled enrichment After the rest, look up and give yourself some hot tools to drink, you will feel the warmth and well-being."

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