Select print paper according to your needs to improve print quality

With the increasing popularity of inkjet printers, printers have become an indispensable device in people's office life. However, having an inkjet printer does not mean that it can be used properly. In particular, inkjet printers have determined by their own characteristics that not all papers can achieve the same printing results. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable paper according to the printing requirements so as to obtain satisfactory print results.

First of all, let's take a look at the situation of printing paper on the inkjet market today. Only by selecting the technology that meets your needs, can you get the best print results. For example, if you need to print a photo, you must choose a special photo paper; you need to print an advertising display board, you need to select a special high-light inkjet paper ... In short, only select the right paper, we can improve the print quality and effectiveness. Basically, today's ink jet printer print media has the following types:

1. Ordinary printing paper

This kind of printing paper is the printing paper that we usually use for printing all kinds of text files. This type of printing paper has the lowest cost, and is mainly used to print documents or quality pictures and faxes. The printer uses paper sizes ranging from A4 to A3. There are 70 grams, 80 grams and 100 grams of paper by quality; the paper is divided into two types, bleach and white (the paper is slightly yellow).

Glossy photo paper

The most prominent feature of this kind of paper is that the printed photos have a glossy surface, and the texture of traditional photos, as well as a good moisture-proof effect, is mainly used to print color pictures and less demanding photos, but also can create greeting cards. This kind of paper has a shiny, white surface and should be printed on this side.

Thick photo paper

The biggest feature of this type of paper is "thickness", so its price is relatively high, and ordinary users rarely choose it. This kind of paper is generally used for printing thick posters and some technical drawings.

4. High-gloss printing paper

This is an excellent paper for printing. High-gloss ink-jet printing paper supports RC (coated paper) paper base and is suitable for image output with vivid colors and photographic images. There is a higher resolution, generally at 720dpi. The printed image is clear and bright, with good gloss and good lightfastness and color fastness in the room. Generally equipped with high-end inkjet printers.

5.PVC printing paper

PVC ink-jet printing paper is mainly used for the production of card, supports printing of plastic film and paper composite products, good mechanical strength, high output image quality, good ink absorption, good indoor lightfastness, suitable for taking photos The effect of the screen output.

6, matt printing paper

Matte inkjet paper support is RC paper base, with medium gloss, high resolution, suitable for image output with photographic effects, full color, and good lightfastness.

In addition to the paper described above, there are other printed papers that are suitable for different printing needs, such as paper for printing photo stickers, paper for printing photos on clothes, and the like.

Choosing printing paper is a homework that you have to learn. If the average family only prints photos, you only need to select photo paper that is slightly better than ink-jet printing paper. If you are a professional, then you have to print. The resolution and color reproduction requirements are selected. In addition, when selecting, be sure to select the paper that matches your own printer. It is best to use a brand. Although there are many compatible papers, many products that are not closed will jam during printing. , And it is easy to waste ink, resulting in greatly reduced print quality and efficiency, more comparison should be purchased, multiple inquiries to make judgments.

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