Steel wood, short for metal and wood products

It is a product of the perfect combination of high-quality steel and natural wood. It effectively complements the defects of steel and wood, improves the overall quality of the door leaf, and its natural wood grain has a special contact with your home to make your home Safer and warmer.

Steel wood is the abbreviation of metal and wood products.

The so-called nine-steel steel door: is a kind of door that can be used for interior decoration. It can be requested by the user. The anti-theft performance is achieved by the middle steel plate. The manufacturer can choose different colors, wood, lines and patterns according to user requirements. It blends in with the interior decoration and is no longer as cold and uncoordinated as a steel door. Therefore, its price is also more expensive than steel security doors. It is made of steel and wood, and the door leaf is surrounded by steel plates (some are welded). The door frame is normally made of wood and the surface is made of paint-free door.

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