Health begins with the attention and new ways of taking away from the summer

Runaway is a kind of high-strength and simple outdoor sports.

It is understood that "runaway" originates from the United States, which has become popular in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other places. It is a new fashion and a new sport. At present, there are about 70 million ruling families in the world. The so-called runaway refers to the selection of a route to walk or drive along the route, ranging from one day to several days. The runaway is actually a kind of extreme sports. It challenges people's psychological quality and physical quality. However, runaways are not like the extreme sports such as wilderness adventures. They need to invest in a large economic cost to purchase facilities. The minimum is only a pair of Good shoes and a bottle of water, plus a few pieces of bread can be made. The place where the runaways go is generally underdeveloped and is under development or semi-development. The scenery is very characteristic and has considerable tests of human physique, will and knowledge. Especially in summer, the weather is hot, the temperature is high, and the humidity is high, which increases the difficulty of the runaway to some extent. Here, Xiao Bian gives you some common sense that you should pay attention to during the summer runaway. Please let your friend who likes to go violently combine his physical condition and pay attention to it.

1 Breakfast must be eaten well on the day of the runaway, with proper drinking

2 When the runaway, the clothing must be loose, the belt must not be tied too tight, the quality of the clothes is to absorb sweat, quick-drying is better, and the color is light tones.

3 Do not wear sandals and avoid accidental injuries when you go.

4 When you run away, do not try to be too strict and not conducive to breathing and skin perspiration. The wide-brimmed visor can be used for proper sun exposure.

5 When a woman is runaway, female compatriots should not wipe, spray, or perfume cosmetics because all cosmetics are made of chemical ingredients. When the weather is hot, the skin pores of people are open and it is not conducive to perspiration. Some of the sun's effects are prone to allergic reactions and are also vulnerable to small creatures.

6 When the runaway speed is not too fast, the heart rate should not exceed 120 times per minute

7 When you run away, pay attention to adjust your breath, try not to talk when walking

8 During the runaway, follow the command of the leader and do not drop the order to avoid accidents.

9 During the break during the run, try not to sit down, and the rest time should not be too long. Drink plenty of water, avoid drinking lots of water at once and increase the burden on the heart.

10 When the weather is hot, there is more perspiration and you can adjust the electrolyte balance of your own water. My approach is to add 1,000 g of water, add a spoonful of sugar, and pinch a small amount of salt with your fingers (I bought iodine-free salt).

11 When the end of the break is over, do not sit down at once and wait for breathing. The heart rate is stable. Then sit and rest. When you rest, it is best to take off your shoes and release your belt.

12 After taking a break, when you start again, avoid standing up suddenly.

13 On the way of the runaway, raise your hands properly, show 10 points 10 minutes, exercise the upper limbs, relieve cervical pain

Outrageous renovation

Stretching: The hind legs are hard and the front legs are raised. The muscle strength of both legs is much larger, and the pace is naturally increased.

At 10:10 pm: Both hands lifted to the 10:10 position in the hands, keeping the movement can effectively exercise the neck muscles and relieve cervical pain.

Count the number of walks: When you are walking, count four numbers in your heart. Slowly inhale 1, 2, 3, and 4 quick calls. This will increase the chance of red blood cell oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange between oxygen and alveoli. oxygen.

Twisting away: Twisting the body will stir the viscera, which is equivalent to a good massage on the stomach and stomach, which can increase the function of defecation and prevent constipation.

Bounce away: Take ten toes at each step, especially the big toe, and make people "bounce." He has the effect of improving foot problems that can easily be caused by wearing high heels on weekdays, such as toe pain and ankle problems.

Walking backwards: You can strengthen the muscles of the lower back, increase the balance, and consume more oxygen than you are going away.

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