Floor maintenance has a basic knowledge of floor maintenance knowledge

The floor is trampled and counted many times a day, but it is easy to be ignored. It is usually just a rubbing. In fact, if you notice some small details, you can increase the life of the floor with less effort. Here are five key points to protect the floor, making your floor more durable, and the hard work of the DIY floor is more durable.

1. All kinds of floors need to be dusted frequently

Usually use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and the place where you often trample is more diligent in vacuuming. Pay special attention to the entrance hall and the walkway leading to the outside. In addition, in order to prevent dust from entering the house, you can place a dustproof pad at the entrance or install a dustproof strip at the bottom of the door.

2. Dry is better than wet

When using the mop to clean the floor, wring the mop and use the better, too wet mop. When it is used, the water will seep into the seam, hurting the floor and causing the floor to be deformed, especially the wooden floor, plastic floor, cork. Brick.

3. Carefully choose the right skin care products

Choose a water-based wax suitable for the floor. Use only one kind of wax at a time. If you use different wax products, it will react with each other to make the floor sticky and dirty.

4. The amount of wax should be appropriate

If the coating is too thick, the dust will be more likely to stick to the floor, making it harder to polish the floor.

5. Be careful when moving

To move the furniture, it is recommended to use the lifting method to avoid dragging to avoid scratching the floor; to further protect your floor, the bottom of the furniture can be fitted with a cloth cover or a gasket.

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