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"Merrell" Real Waterway Amphibian
When the village warmed up and everything was recovering, it was also when I started this year's outdoor activities. When I saw the green field has a free evaluation Mele shoes, it was deeply attracted by a purple waterway amphibious women's shoes, the model is (R382042), holding an idea application for a try, was very fortunate to be selected and fated.
I got the favorite shoes, fashion, bright colors, publicity dynamic, can not wait to let everyone look at it is true, you will fall in love with it like me,
Lightweight, strong fast-drying mesh maximizes breathability, and it's very hot in summer, making your feet more comfortable
Summer is also the rainy season. It often encounters rain, streams, and quick-drying structures in the outdoors. It also keeps the feet dry when wading.
There is a vibram mark behind the shoe
We look at the bottom of the shoes, use a special knife to cut the pattern skid outsole, special groove shading, grip, non-slip effect first-class.
Put your feet into the shoes, the first feeling, very comfortable, casually rubbing a few, flexibility, not grinding, can be said to be comfortable.
The first event of this year was wearing my Meile to participate in the Wang Ping - grab the wind - the gate pass through activities, very happy to join everyone in the advance to the market, move forward
Compared with the traditional colors of ordinary hiking shoes, this pair of Mele Shoes has a strong contrasting color and is in harmony with nature. It is very fashionable and beautiful.
Long-distance walking on new shoes is still risky, because new shoes need to be worn and foaming, and mesh shoes look thinner than traditional hiking shoes, and they are easy to scratch when climbing. However, I would not worry if I set off for a while. I am very comfortable. I do not have to worry about the problem of grinding my feet. The shoes are wider at the front and do not oppress the feet at all. The entire shoe surface is also in good condition and there is no need to worry about wear on a few climbs.
When walking on sandy ground, the sole is thick and does not feel bad
Anti-slip performance is ideal when climbing a slope. In the sand and ground soles, the grip is very firm and there is no slippage. After walking more than 10 kilometers a day, the soles are almost as good as the new ones. They are very wear-resistant.
In the end, the shoes are generally very satisfactory. It's true that the shoes of the big brands are very trustworthy.
Yesterday, the mountain was very tired. Today I chose a corrupt tour and camped in Xishuiwan. Today I didn't bring slippers. Fortunately, I wear Amoy amphibious shoes. I can safely play in the water. I feel like a beach shoe. My invention, haha.
Everyone came to see beautiful women playing.
Wearing amphibious shoes, the stream is much better than the slippers, with the feet, the water inside the fly, and the stones in the water is not slippery.
I am expanding training in water today
The slippery performance is remarkable. Nothing feels slippery in the slippery water.
This is a picture when the water is discharged. The drainage speed is very fast. After the water is discharged, the insole is completely non-absorbent and there is no sense of water in walking. Wearing on the feet quickly finished, it can be said to be done unconsciously.
Two days of outdoor activities, I have fallen in love with Mele Shoes. I don’t want to wear high heels to work. It’s stylish. I’m wearing these shoes to work this week and feel good from the five-day try-on.
Summary: After a week of experience, this pair of shoes is adhering to the usual advantages of outdoor shoes as the legendary, while taking into account the shortcomings of ordinary summer outdoor shoes difficult to walk in the water for a long time, showing its own unique features is A great waterway amphibious product.
Reviewer (Greenfield ID): Mountain climbing lemon

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