How to choose steel door

How to choose steel door

See the thickness of the steel plate

The finished door must be 0.5 mm thicker than the pure steel plate. The surface of the door leaf is embossed by hand. The thicker the embossing is, the thicker the steel plate is. Under the light, the surface is slanted. The thicker the surface, the thicker the steel plate. Under the light, it will be pitted.

2. Watch the door leaf process

There are three kinds of door leaf technology, PVC film, the price is cheap, but the door back and forth switch friction will fade, peeling;

Thermal transfer, that is, high temperature printing, is susceptible to heat unevenness, color difference, and is not resistant to low temperature, and there is crack after freezing;

Water transfer printing is the latest technology, water pressure printing, uniform force, flat printing, and no cracking at -20 °C.

3. Door cover material

Multi-layer veneer door cover, which is coated with PVC or paper paint, is not wear-resistant and the paint is not environmentally friendly;

MDF door cover is made of straw fiber and glue high pressure, which is not environmentally friendly and easy to oxidize and damp and blister;

The steel door cover can't be consistent with the color of the door leaf, cold and ice, no three-dimensional.

The polymer door cover is a chemical high-grade material, which is moisture-proof and non-foaming, and has strong oxidation resistance and no fading stability.

4. Look at the edging material

The edging material is the same as the door cover, and it is also the best polymer, stable in nature, no color difference, no deformation.

5. See the price

Commodities have costs, and the best quality and low price are the best. Some unscrupulous merchants use inferior materials for the pursuit of low cost. The price is naturally low, but it is not durable at all. The cost of installing a door is about 60-100 yuan, which is included in the price. Overall, a set of qualified steel doors market price between 650 and 850, businessmen also have to eat and spend money, they will not do business.

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