Effect of corrugating roller on the quality of corrugated board

Corrugated roller is a critical component rubber product in the production process of corrugated board. It not only directly determines the quality of corrugated board, but also is one of the most frequently-replaced parts and most expensive components of corrugated board production line. It is called corrugated board production line. "heart". This paper mainly discusses the effect of corrugating roller on the quality of corrugated board and its maintenance method.

Effect of corrugating roller on the quality of corrugated board

Corrugating roller manufacturing technology materials technology, heat treatment technology, welding technology, a variety of precision machining technology, surface plating and thermal spraying technology, thermal conduction structure technology, aerodynamics technology, structural mechanics of corrugated cardboard, computer-type design and numerical control Automation technology, etc. as a whole, with a very high process performance requirements, complete sets of professional and advanced technology and equipment and facilities requirements.

The corrugation peaks and concrete heights of the new corrugating rollers are generally able to meet the requirements of quality standards. However, after a period of use, corrugating rollers will directly affect the quality of corrugated board production due to wear. Mainly in the following aspects.

1. When corrugated roller shaft heads and bearings are worn or damaged, causing loose corrugated rollers, poor parallelism, and damage to crooked teeth, flat files, collapses, screech plates, sloping, smashing, smashing, foaming, and corrugating tend to occur. Paperboard thickness and other quality issues.

2. When foreign matter sticks to the corrugated roll groove, not only does the corrugated board appear skewed, collapsed, or collapsed, but also adhesion failures are likely to occur and the strength of the corrugated board is reduced. ink jet

3. When the corrugating roll has a phenomenon of “concave” due to long-term use, it will lead to uneven coating, causing excessive application of glue on some parts of the corrugated cardboard, and some parts are not coated with glue at all, resulting in degumming and blistering of corrugated cardboard. The phenomenon occurs.

4. When the corrugating roll wears and prints, it is easy to make the corrugated paper appear beating phenomenon, resulting in poor adhesion and high and low defects; on the other hand, the gap and pressure between the corrugating roll and the pressure roll are more difficult to control, resulting in collapse, Cracking, lack of thickness and other phenomena.

5. When the roll teeth of the corrugating roll wear out, it will directly affect the forming of the corrugated board, resulting in a non-uniform financial crisis in forming the corrugated board, and thus causing uneven coating.

6. When the bearing of the corrugating roller is worn to a certain degree, the parallelism of the corrugating roller operation will be affected, and the corrugating roller wear will be accelerated while reducing the quality of the corrugated paperboard.

Corrugating roller maintenance method

The corrugating roller is the core component of the corrugated board production line. It is particularly important to properly use and maintain the corrugating roller.

1. Whenever possible, use good quality corrugated paper

Practice has proved that digital printing in China, low-cost and low-quality corrugated base paper will intensify the wear on the corrugating roller and shorten the service life of the corrugating roller.

2. Install limit device to accurately adjust pressure and clearance between corrugating roller and pressure roller

In the single-sided machine of the corrugated board production line, when the peak of the corrugated cardboard coated with the adhesive is adhered to the noodle paper, a certain pressure is required between the corrugating roller and the pressure roller to ensure the adhesion effect. At present, CTP in China, many single-sided machines do not have limit devices, and some limit devices are not reliable, and some operators have not been told to ban the direct contact of corrugated rollers with the pressure roller, so the phenomenon of destruction of the surface of the pressure roller has frequently occurred. . By installing a limiting device and properly adjusting the gap and pressure packaging container between the pressure roller and the corrugating roller, the damage of the corrugating roller and the pressure roller due to improper gap control can be avoided. publishing

3. Internal monitoring of the wear of corrugating rollers

Strengthening the wear of the steel corrugating roller is linear, so it is necessary to regularly inspect the flaw height, accurately infer the life expectancy and replacement date of the corrugating roller, and ensure the corrugated board production quality.

4. Grinding

After the corrugating roller wears, a stepped pattern will appear on the roller surface. The middle part of the corrugating roller wears the most. This can cause uneven pressure on the pressure roller nip and it is difficult to evenly apply glue. To overcome this, use a diamond paste to grind or grind a small amount (0,05mm) of material from the tip of the journal. However, this operation is very difficult and requires high skills so as not to abrade the important coating on the crucible. A small fixture produced by some factories can be installed on a single-sided machine to make the logistics more accurate and easy. By carefully grinding the uncoated corrugating roller, the service life of the corrugating roller can be significantly extended. But for corrugated rollers with severe wear, replace them in time.

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