Discussion on Future Development Trend of Plastic Bottles of Various Materials

The space for reducing the grammage of PET bottles used for carbonated beverages and bottled water is very small, and the future development is mainly the high-speed production equipment. With the advent of the era of cold, aseptic filling of beverages, ordinary PET bottles have come a long way. At the same time, the use of recycled materials in the production of ordinary PET bottles multilayer core bottle technology has been quite mature, but due to the high technical requirements of the equipment, resulting in the cost has become the main factor constraining the development.

The crystallization technology of the bottle mouth of hot-filled PET bottles is the key, and the latest technology can already make bottles withstand the filling temperature of 93°C, although from a sterilization point of view, higher temperatures may not be necessary. The future development trend of hot-fill bottles is mainly focused on reducing weight and developing more bottle types.

The development of plastic beer bottles went through several processes, such as the addition of PEN and the application of barrier coatings. At present, the more feasible solution is to use multi-layer bottle production technology, using EVOH or nylon as the barrier layer in the middle, but it is not clear when this field is started due to factors such as cost.

PC is currently the main material for the production of 5-gallon buckets. It has been reported that PET-made drinking buckets can also meet the quality requirements, but in a short period of time, PET still has no possibility of replacing PCs.

BOPP bottles are newly developed products and are currently mainly concentrated on beverages that require high-temperature sterilization or pasteurization, such as herbal tea.

Its main application area is currently focused on large infusion products.

The PE containers are not used in beverage plastic blowing machines and are mainly concentrated on a small amount of large-capacity (eg 5 liters) bottled water.

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