The pinnacle of inkjet printers: Aiburna series products

As the pinnacle of Agfa's wide-format digital industrial inkjet printers, the series of products from Anapurna has been introduced to the Chinese market since drupa 2008, and is a versatile product with a wide range of applications and excellent quality.

About the "widespread" annotation

One of the most prominent features of this series of products is its wide compatibility with substrates, whether it is package media or flat media, whether it is cardboard, wood, metal or glass, plastic, photo paper, canvas, textiles, stone, Maybe we can understand this way. In addition to water and air, almost all materials can be printed on the Anapurna with excellent patterns. Therefore, Anapurna can print a variety of items such as personalized gifts, coasters, CDs, wallpapers, mirrors, flags, posters, etc., and even copy artwork. Through Figure 1, we can understand the application of the Anapurna solution more systematically and comprehensively. Among them, for the current industrial-grade applications, the decoration, engineering market, and advertising fields are: the occasion where Anapurna is used more frequently.

Comment on "Quality Excellence"

Compared with screen printing and offset printing processes, Anapurna has more cost advantages, is capable of printing in small quantities, and is easy to use. It does not depend on the technical experience of operators. Based on past experience, these are places that users value when shopping. In addition, users often ask about the precision and speed of the equipment. : Anapurna series products are available in various models - M, XL2, XLS, suitable for different web, quality and speed requirements. The resolution can be achieved at 1440dpi, plus 12 picoliter nozzles, effectively ensuring the printing quality. And check the speed: Anapurna M series is generally 14 square meters per hour, while the latest model M2 can reach 23 square meters per hour. : Anapurna XL2 series has a top speed of 28 square meters, and the Anapurna XLS series has a top speed of 44 square meters per hour.

In terms of format, Anapurna has 1.6 meters and 2.5 meters for users to choose from, both for flat and reel.

In terms of quality, the most commendable aspect of Anapurna is its focus on environmental protection. : Anapurna uses UV-curable UV ink, piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet, fast drying, solid color, and more environmentally friendly process.

I believe that through the above analysis, you have a more detailed understanding of the Aiburna series products. As analysts have analyzed, it is precisely: Anapurna's advantages in wide-area, environmental protection, and compatibility with different materials have better consolidated Agfa's position as a leader in industrial inkjet.

It is understood that as of now in Europe and the United States market: Anapurna has more than 500 units, and its competition is more intense Océ products. In the domestic market, Shanghai, Jiangmen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and other places have been applied. At the CHINA RPINT 2009 held recently, Agfa’s world’s first Aiburna: Anapurna M2 wide format industrial inkjet printer has also been sold.

The Anapurna range is priced between 1 million and 3.2 million.

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