Discussion on Box-type Proofing Technology

With the development trend of small batches of personalized packaging products, and the increasing importance of packaging for products from all walks of life, in this process, the requirements for sample production are getting higher and higher. Previously traditional hand-made samples have been difficult to meet the requirements of rapid and high precision, many forward-thinking companies have used computer design and computer cutting machine for sample production. Especially in foreign countries, most color printing and packaging companies and display shelves and paper furniture production companies use computer systems for proofing, and the vast majority of domestic counterparts still use hand-made, in this awareness with foreign companies there are certain difference.

If you use computer design and computer cutting machine system to make samples, first of all, it is very convenient in the revision of the box shape, only need to change a few lines and parameters, the time spent up to a few minutes, while the traditional hand-made requires half Hours to an hour. Click on the cut after the revision on the computer, in a few minutes you can cut out the modified box and press the crease line. Secondly, on the computer, the box type effect can be three-dimensionally displayed, and the effect map can be transmitted to the customer via the Internet for initial confirmation, which saves a lot of time and costs. After the box type design is completed, it can also be stored in the box type library so that when similar samples are made later, it can be readjusted again, and some modifications can be made to create another box type. The file storage and revision are very convenient. In addition, the use of computer proofing machine in addition to the pressure line can be folded and cut, you can also draw a knife pattern, you can cut in the gray paper half wear, some imported machines can even cut V-shaped groove and 60mm thick foam foam Materials, basically all the packaging materials such as cardboard, grey paper, multi-layer corrugated paper, PVC film, foamed cotton and other materials can be cut by a computer cutting machine, especially some corrugated paper materials can not be cut by hand. To achieve the effect of computer cutting machine, so the use of computer design and cutting system to replace the manual is an inevitable trend.

At present, there are five brands of computer proofer products imported on the market that are sold domestically and there are three domestic brands. The advantage of imported machines lies in quality, effect and speed, but the price is too expensive, maintenance and repair costs are also very expensive, and there is no domestic product so timely; the advantage of domestic machines is that the price is cheap, maintenance costs are also cheap and relatively timely, in quality, effect With respect to speed, domestically-made machines are also shortening the gap between them and imported machines. In terms of cost-effectiveness, domestically-made machines still have certain advantages. Moreover, domestically-made machines have been exported to overseas markets, which proves that the gap between domestic machines and imported machines is very small.

As for how to correctly use this kind of proofing equipment, take the computer proofing machine produced by the author as an example: As a linear guide rail is used as the transmission track, it is better to add lube oil once a week in the oil filling hole on the linear guide slide; Clean up the dust and debris on the above will help the life of the machine; In addition, when installing the tool, adjust the parameters to be shallow, so as not to damage the table panel; do not place obstacles on the table panel to avoid rapid movement of the cutting head When hitting an obstacle, it damages the machine; when the machine is not in use, cover the machine with the hood as much as possible to block the dust. In short, according to the normal operation of the machine manual, the service life of the machine will be extended.

In summary, box-type proofing technology with the development trend of electronic, informatization for each color printing plant requirements are also getting higher and higher, the premise of obtaining an order is whether the company's sample production is fast and accurate, a factory The level of benefit depends on whether or not the company adopts an efficient management program. With the global economic downturn and the increase in production costs of domestic factories, a fast and efficient box-type CAD/CAM system is used for each Color printing factory is imperative.

Author: Dongguan Pioneer Bull Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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