The ugly year 2009 cow favorite cork floor

Cork flooring is known as "the pyramid of the floor consumption." Cork and wood flooring are more environmentally friendly, soundproof, and the moisture-proof effect will be better, giving people an excellent sense of foot. The softwood floor is soft, quiet, comfortable and wearable. It can provide great cushioning for the accidental fall of the elderly and children. Its unique sound absorption and insulation properties are also very suitable for bedrooms, conference rooms, libraries, recordings. Shelters and other places.

Natural and environmentally friendly products - low formaldehyde, renewable resources that can be reused, recycling of waste recycling, and no pollution to the environment. High abrasion resistance - durable, high-strength wear resistance, excellent resistance to wheelchair performance, resistance to stains and chemicals, excellent resistance to compression and re-recovery. Warm floor - comfortable, intimate, natural insulator - cork internal airbag structure, making it filled with 50% air temperature insulation.

Cork flooring is environmentally friendly and has a comfortable foot feel; it is not only durable than wood flooring, but also has the characteristics of moisture, slip and mute. It is the new darling of the flooring industry, and it has been loved by people since it was listed.

The flexible, warm, sound-proof, environmentally-friendly and green building materials will bring you different feelings and bring you a more comfortable and elegant life experience.

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