Whether the wood is dry or not, the better

Fresh wood contains a lot of water, and the water will evaporate under certain circumstances. The natural evaporation of water can cause defects such as shrinkage, cracking, bending deformation, mildew, etc., which affect the quality of wood products. Therefore, wood must be subjected to forced (controlled) drying before being made into wood products. This is an important technical measure for rational use of wood to increase the value of wood, and is also an indispensable primary process for the production of wood products.

But isn't that the dryer the wood, the better? Many people have misunderstandings on this point of understanding. Some experts have done the following analysis:

When the wood is placed in a certain environment, after a period of time, the water content will tend to an equilibrium value, which is called the equilibrium moisture content of the environment. When the moisture content of a piece of wood is higher than the equilibrium moisture content of the environment, the wood will shrink and shrink, and vice versa. For example, the equilibrium moisture content in Beijing is 11.4%, and the equilibrium moisture content in Guangzhou is 15.1%. If it is suitable to put 11% of the wood in Beijing, it will be hygroscopically expanded when it is placed in Guangzhou. Deformation.

Therefore, wood drying should be handled properly according to local conditions, not as dry as possible.

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