Various types of "food bottles" worthy of attention

Since the seasoning cruet
A Japanese cruet filled with vinegar, soy sauce, etc., has a small hole in the bottle, with a button that controls it. When it is inverted, you can use your finger to press the button and the outside air enters the bottle. The content will flow out of the energy source. When the finger is loose, the button will automatically block the popular mouth due to the effect of the spring.
Polyester oxygen-controlled fresh bottle
American scientists invented One kind The method, namely the use of plasma vapor deposition technology to form a layer of soft polyester film outside the plastic bottle, can keep the food contained in the bottle fresh. This A plastic surface coating can reduce oxygen by more than 10%. The coating is similar to quartz and has a thickness of less than 3 mm, and the plastic bottle does not require special treatment when it is recycled.
Self-heating sake tank A type of sake produced in Japan. It has one-fifth of the bottom of the tank. One Sandwich, with quicklime and sealed in a plastic bag in a small bag of water, before drinking, just use a "snap" plastic. This article comes from the Chinese bottle net. Stick from the bottom of the hole into the water immediately It will mix with lime and produce a lot of heat. It takes only 3 minutes to warm up a can of sake to 58°C.
Thermosensitive color bottle
American Ansa Bottle Maker The company introduced a new type of thermo-sensitive plastic bottle. Parents only have to glance at the bottle and they will know if the milk inside is too hot. There are 4 colors in this bottle. When the temperature reaches 31°C, the milk is suitable for babies to drink. If the temperature exceeds 40°C, the bottle becomes white. This means that this article comes from the Chinese bottle network. The milk in the bottle is too hot. After the milk in the bottle cools, the bottle will return to its original color. This feature is obtained by injecting a thermosensitive chemical element into the bottled polyethylene.
Heme Preservation Bottle Recently, a company in Alameda, California, USA has successfully developed a human cesium which is a device that can extract oxygen from seawater. This device works with a molecule that acts similar to lobe hemoglobin, and it can be tightly attached to any oxygen molecule it meets. The company and the company that produces beer caps jointly develop and produce a beer bottle cap with similar hemoglobin. Put it on the beer bottle, you can extract the oxygen mixed into the bottle to prevent beer from losing its freshness due to oxidation.
Automatic heating instant noodles cans Japan's Nissin Foods and Nippon Steel Corporation developed a type of instant noodles that can be heated automatically. The can utilizes a metal oxidation mechanism that allows the canned lyophilized noodles to be cooked within 5 minutes. This automatic heating can be used by outdoor workers and tourists.

Reprinted Source: China Packaging Bottle Net

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