Cause Analysis and Preventive Measures for Fire in Steel Barrel Spraying Production

Cause Analysis and Preventive Measures for Fire in Steel Barrel Spraying Production

Xin Qiaojuan

At the beginning of September, when I visited the International Packaging Exhibition at the Beijing International Packaging Exhibition Center, I was fortunate to have met several peers who had a certain reputation in the metal container packaging industry. Everyone met and was very kind. Since I haven't seen each other for a few years, everyone decided to find a teahouse to sit down and talk. In the chat, the most talked about is the steel barrel spray drying room. A Jun said: "The fire broke out in our factory's vat spray drying room last month, and the loss was timely and extinguished without causing major losses." B Jun said: "This kind of fire has also occurred in the spray drying room of our factory. It was only in the safe and civilized production month, and the loss was not great, so it was not heard." C Jun said: "The fire in our drying room has also occurred, but it is not as lucky as what you said. There is a fire in the drying room of our factory. Because the fire fighting method is not appropriate, the last explosion occurred, and the direct economic loss is more than 100. Ten thousand yuan, but also injured two workers, killed one person, the loss is heavy, can not bear." D Jun said: "I heard that the drying room of a barrel factory in Xinjiang has also exploded, and the loss is also very large..."

The reason why the steel drum spray drying room is so prone to fire is what is the reason?

I. Overview of steel drum spraying and drying line

In recent years, with the increasing competition in the market, in order to compete for the market, all the barrel manufacturers in the country, in addition to improving the quality of the steel drum itself, have invested in the appearance of steel drums, spending a lot of money, changing the steel drums. Appearance Quality. To this end, the outer surface cleaning, spraying, drying equipment and conveying production lines of steel drums have been built in various barrel manufacturers across the country. Due to the economic situation of various manufacturers, the production lines built are not good. But the general structural principle is basically the same. Most of the spraying methods use electrostatic spraying and high-pressure airless painting; the cleaning methods include immersion cleaning and spray cleaning; the drying kiln has vertical and horizontal divisions, and most of them are dried by far infrared radiation.

Because the quality of cleaning, spraying and drying production lines of various manufacturers are different, some are purchased in sets; some are purchased by one piece; some are designed and manufactured by themselves. Therefore, the production capacity of the production line is also different, and the problems in the production process are also different.

2. Analysis of the causes of fire in steel drum spraying and drying line

There are many reasons for the fire in the steel drum spraying and drying line. There are several types in the following:

Problems left over from engineering design and construction

In the process of engineering design and construction, the biggest remaining problem is not to separate the building fire. The entire steel drum spray drying room has 1000 square meters, and some thousands of square meters of factory buildings are not separated. When a large fire occurs, there is no way to deal with it, and the economic loss is serious. Some drying ovens have poor quality during construction, and the contact heads of the electric heating elements in the furnace are in poor contact, which causes a fire phenomenon and is highly prone to fire. In addition, the quality of the air-inducing filter device of the drying furnace is poor or unstable, and often loses its effect, causing the flammable gas in the furnace to be discharged in time and exploding beyond the allowable concentration.

Problems left by process design

In the process design, many manufacturers neglect the explosion-proof requirements of electrical equipment, and the electrical equipment that does not meet the requirements of explosion-proof is not placed in isolation between the drying tunnels of the drying room, and is caused by the open flame generated by the electrical equipment. The room caught fire or exploded. Some drying furnace design power is too small to reach the required temperature for drying. In order to achieve the purpose of drying, the temperature is increased without opening the air, so that the concentration of flammable gas in the furnace is too large. explosion. Some drying furnaces are designed to have too much power, which not only causes energy waste, but also often exceeds the flash point of the flammable gas in the furnace due to temperature loss.

Spraying and drying equipment itself

Most of the main spare parts for spraying and drying equipment are electrical components, and many of the current electrical components do not meet the quality requirements, such as the actual temperature of the drying kiln that is not allowed by the thermocouple, the far-infrared radiation plate in the drying tunnel, and the radiation. Some quality accidents caused by insufficient silicon carbide coating, as well as the quality problems of high-voltage electrostatic generators, electrostatic spraying machines and electrical components in the control cabinet are the direct factors causing fires. According to the statistics of the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security, Extraordinary fires caused by electrical component quality problems in painting fires accounted for 25% of painted fires.

Management problem

Due to the slow development of China's steel barrel industry and weak technical strength, there are even fewer high-quality management talents. In the steel drum industry, there are very few intellectuals who have participated in grassroots management with higher education. Most of the grassroots management is currently junior high school graduates in the early 1970s. Therefore, in the management process, people who do not follow the operation plan, operating procedures and safety fire prevention system are everywhere. For example, a barrel-making enterprise in the north has problems in cleaning before cleaning and spraying the drying line, and needs to carry out a small range. Reconstruction, but can not affect the normal production of the workshop, so the factory decided to be modified by the repair shop after work. The repair shop used electric welders and acetylene gas during the transformation process, but they thought that after work, there was no one to control, and gas cutting and electric welding were started without the hot fire procedure and without any fire preparation. As soon after getting off work, the smoke in the workshop has not been distributed, and the slag fell into a pile of residual paint during welding, causing a fire; there is also a barrel-making enterprise, in the process of coating the barrel inside the production, The operator forgot to open the fan, so that the concentration of the organic solvent in the drying room increased, eventually causing an explosion, and the two operators of the drying kiln were injured. There are many examples of such companies in the barrel industry, and we will not list them one by one.

Workers lack basic safety

Due to the lack of basic safety qualities of employees, the concept of safety is weak. A barrel-making enterprise, despite the importance of safety in the factory's three-and-five applications, requires that mobile smoking be prohibited in the factory, smoking is prohibited in the production area, and regulations such as the occurrence of cigarette butts in the production area are formulated. However, the workers turned a blind eye, but they did their own thing. In the indoors and outdoors, they often saw the cigarette butts that were sucked. What's more, they even put the cylinders filled with liquefied gas in the drying room. These are fires. Direct hidden dangers.

Third, measures to prevent fires and their prevention

Above we analyzed the reasons why steel drum cleaning and spray drying lines are prone to fire. So how to prevent it from happening? Below we start from several aspects.

1. For the newly built or under construction steel drum painting production line, it must comply with the provisions of the “three simultaneous” system for infrastructure safety. For the production line that has been built and used, it is necessary to separate according to the safety fire protection regulations, and the control operation room and the painting operation room must be separated. Ensuring the implementation of safe and civilized production and its national safety laws, regulations and standards.

2. Establish and improve the safety supervision mechanism for the whole process of infrastructure, new product development and technological transformation within the enterprise. From the architects, product designers, construction personnel, equipment manufacturers to equipment operators at the production site, safety and firefighting education should be carried out to improve their safety and fire awareness. On this basis, establish a safety supervision mechanism within the enterprise that supervises all the activities of the enterprise.

3. In order to improve the basic safety of employees, we must conduct regular and irregular employee safety education and education on fire awareness, fire protection and fire safety. It is necessary to remind employees to establish the ideology of safety first. But this is not to say that nothing can be done, but to ask employees to be bold and courageous in their work, to be clever and not to do it. With the continuous advancement of society and the rapid development of technology, professional safety technology education should be carried out to improve the safety and technical quality of employees.

4. Gradually implement a safety responsibility contracting system among employees. Everyone understands their safety responsibilities, especially in the cleaning, spray drying production line, must understand the importance of safe and civilized production and fire prevention and the consequences of fire and its preventive measures.

5. In the barrel industry, we will find ways to improve the overall safety level and overall technical level of cleaning, painting and drying equipment. Limit and eliminate the spray coating process of spray thinner that is dangerous to operate and seriously affects the operator's personal health. Implement a production license system for equipment manufacturing plants that produce cleaning, spray drying production lines, and promote safety certification. In the internal management of the enterprise, the cleaning, spray drying production line is listed as a key fire zone, and the monitoring, supervision and inspection work is effectively strengthened.


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